Journalist and Luminaries Founding Editor Interviews Emeli Sande 

Hello Readers, I would like to introduce myself and welcome you personally to The Luminaries Magazine. I'm  Alison Jane, AJ, the journalist founder and editor-in-chief of this luminary independent arts and culture magazine - slow journalism and storytelling for passionate, original thinkers and for cultural, social and regenerative impact with a huge dash of allure, fun and inspiration.

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La La Land Starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

I love journalism and writing with a passion and I hope it shows! It's the great love affair of my life and I have worked as a leading journalist on UK national newspapers,  magazines and colour supplements since I  was 24 years old. I have interviewed hundreds of real luminaries from Sir David Attenborough to Naomi Watts, Karl Lagerfeld, Brian May, Sienna Miller and now Emeli Sande.

When the kind of magazine I wanted to write for no longer existed, I had to dream it up. So here we are.

I hope you love the magazine. From intimate interviews with icons to slow-crafted film, drama and fashion stories. Plus our informative how to spend it responsibly articles and holistic and functional approach to food, travel, health and wellbeing.

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My aim is to transport and delight you and be indispensable.

Organic Rose Petals Used to Make Radical Rose - The World's First Regenerative Field to Flacon Perfume By Matiere Premiere

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Happy  Slow Reading, AJ, Editor, The  Luminaries Magazine