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Review: Tokio Myers Raises the Roof at The Piccadilly Piano Festival, London

Tokio Myers played The Piccadilly Piano Festival on Friday and it was thrilling writes Luminary arts journalist, Alison Jane Reid. Reid the review and discover more stellar arts and music events at SJP Piccadilly.

Never Have I Ever Wanted to Learn to Play the Harp Like Pippa Reid, Eva Alkula and Devi Beside the Seaside

The harp is cool thanks to Devi in Never Have I Ever. Journalist Alison Jane Reid discussed harp fever and Metamorphosis a harp concert by Pippa Reid-Foster and Eva Akula beside the seaside

Luminary Interview: Frederic Gassita, Gabon's Classical Prince of Jazz Talks Mozart, Jazz and Football

Frederic Gassita, Gabon's celebrated classically trained jazz pianist, composer and producer talks to Luminaries editor, Alison Jane Reid, about all that jazz, football, recording with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and why he lives and breathes music and loves Mozart and Shumann.

What's Hot in June - Elvis Rocks Cadogan Hall, Savour Food Festival, Functional CBD Drinks with Benefits, Crochet Mania and Hauts de France by Slow Train!

What's Hot in June? Slow arts journalist goes wild for the music of Elvis with the Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra, zingy, food as medicine Medahuman CBD drinks, festival chic and Crochet mania and taking the slow train to Haute de France

Tor Eigeland Remembers Photographing Chuck Berry in Paris, Fidel Castro in Cuba and all that Jazz in Marciac!

Photojournalist Tor Eigeland remembers the day he received a phone call to go straight to Paris and photograph Chuck Berry at the Olympia. After the gig, Chuck, his sister Thelma and Tor headed to Montmartre for burgers and American-style apple pie.

Ashley Park - The Broadway Songbird Putting on the Pizzazz in Emily in Paris!

Ashley Park is the talented songbird and actress in Emily in Paris enthralling audiences with a dash of Broadway meets Cabaret stellar stardust writes arts and fashion journalist Alison Jane Reid.

Interview: Sarah Angliss On Composing Chillingly Beautiful Music for Horror Film Amulet

Award-winning composer Sarah Angliss talks to the Luminaries editor, journalist Alison Jane Reid about her multi-layered music for Romola Garai's horror film Amulet.
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