Functional Medicine

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Sleep: How to Nurture the Elixir of Youth with the Functional Medicine Doctor

Good Sleep is essential for immunity, metabolic health, mood, stress management and wellbeing say functional doctor Dr Sharief Ibrahim FRCP. Discover how to nurture better sleep to transform your life - it's your superpower.

Periodontal Disease and the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Want to improve your metabolic health and reduce your risk of developing heart disease, type two diabetes, stroke or cancer? Then look after your teeth, gums and periodontal health because it could save your life writes leading doctor and functional health consultant Dr Ibrahim FRCP.

Eight Top Psychotherapy Tips to Cultivate Positivity, No Matter What

Top psychotherapist Noel McDermott looks at how we’re feeling during the pandemic & how to deal with anxiety with eight top tips to flourish and grow in times of global crisis.

Functional Medicine: Are You Ready to Ditch Your Diseases Asks Dr Ibrahim FRCP?

Dr Ibrahim, A leading functional doctor and ex NHS hospital consultant asks are you ready to ditch your chronic diseases from cancer to diabetes and anxiety and be well?

The Sex Education Interview with Hanx

Sex Education Interview with HANX Sex Education Interview – Couple on their wedding day. Picture by Everton Vila Sex Education, coming of age and the growing pains surrounding the pursuit of love, sex and identity – could there be hotter topics right now? Blame it on the buzz around the brutally honest

Organic Cake, Food for Thought Dress, CBD Oil & Functional Medicine

Food For Thought – Amazing Organic Pistachio & Lime Superfood Cake Made by Journalist Alison Jane Reid for Her Terminally MotherMy mother almost died three weeks ago for the second time in four months. I held her tiny, ice-cold hands all the way to the hospice in the ambulance, and then

The Three Top Holistic Health Trends: Ayurveda, Mesodosing & Nootropics

From Brain-Boosting Nutrition to Meso-Dosing and Ayurveda: The Hottest Health and Wellbeing Trends of 2019 Organic Turmeric Root and Matcha Green Tea PowderHave you heard about the ancient medicine system of India? – Ayurveda and the excitement surrounding optimal nutrition using mesodosing and nootropics? A vibrant healthful lifestyle is no longer
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