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The Stealing - Normal People Meets Wuthering Heights By S A Sutila

The Stealing, the first-time Gothic romance by SA Sutila is our book extract of the month. Picture a 21st Century version of Wuthering Heights meets Normal People and you will have a brilliant idea of what to expect.

Tor Eigeland Remembers Photographing Chuck Berry in Paris, Fidel Castro in Cuba and all that Jazz in Marciac!

Photojournalist Tor Eigeland remembers the day he received a phone call to go straight to Paris and photograph Chuck Berry at the Olympia. After the gig, Chuck, his sister Thelma and Tor headed to Montmartre for burgers and American-style apple pie.

Power of You: How to Identify and Leave a Toxic, Narcissistic Relationship

Power of You, A book extract on how to identify and leave a toxic, narcissistic relationship by leading psychological; counsellor and therapist Michael Padraig Acton.

Call to Action - Support The Luminaries Independent Arts and Culture Magazine Today

This is a call to action. We are the people-powered arts and culture magazine and we need your support. Support cultural, social and planet-friendly impact journalism today and become a paid subscriber. Annual subscribers get 15% off.

Sentenced, The Story of the Middle-Class Housewife, the British Prisoner in the Bankok Hilton and the Art of Letter Writing and the Road to Santiago de Compostela

Sentenced, a book extract about the art of letter writing and the unlikely story of the British housewife Victoria Oak and her friendship with Andy Hawke, a British man sentenced to fifty years in Bang Kwang Prison for drugs trafficking.

From The Graduate to The Witches of Eastwick and Richard 111, Meet Angela Cobbin, Queen of Wigs for Film, Opera, Broadway and the West End!

My Name is Not Wigs, a book extract from Angela Cobbin, wig-maker extraordinaire to Broadway offering an intimate glimpse behind the stage door with the greatest actors of our times from Helen Mirren to Woody Harrelson.

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