Welcome to our supporter's page. The  Luminaries Magazine is a subscription-based, gloriously independent arts and culture magazine, with a focus on one-of-a-kind, luminary interviews,  features and reviews on cultural icons, actors, film, drama, books, music + our organic living section with innovative ideas on delicious regenerative and wine, farming, functional medicine, herbalism and mental health.

Our goal is to be a different kind of authentic and transparent magazine that is funded by our readers, small artisan, organic and circular businesses and people power,  not vested interests so that quality magazine journalism and ideas can flourish.

We are very proud and delighted to publish our list of founding subscribers, culture show backers and responsible, artisan and social impact business supporters for the Luminary Magazine. and our relaunched business storytelling club for slow, responsible, organic and circular luxury brands. Email the editor today to discuss joining  - Alison Jane and Christian - theluminariemagazine@gmail.com

Jane Heath - Hampshire, England
Janis Castle  - USA
Flip Schultz  - Holland
Danielle Wilson - Mindful Mixology, UK
Jane Avery -  Lapin NZ
Devin D Thorpe - USA
Winser London - UK
Fran Parnell-Thomas -  Hampshire
Lucy Ramlochun - Hampshire
N  Watson - London
R Noctor - London
M Ignarski -  Hampshire
E Harrison-Mellon - Ireland
T Sakalis -  Greece
M Granina -  Greece
P Sazel - Greece
J Montier  - France
A Isashenka - Greece