Alison Jane Reid

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Sex Education, The Best Coming of Age Drama Since The Breakfast Club

Sex Education is the best coming of age drama since The Breakfast Club writes and culture journalist Alison Jane Reid in this in-depth, long-form review.

An Audience with Law and Order's Nick Creegan Talking Gangster Chic + The Mindful Mixology Cocktail Tasting

Nick Creegan from Law and Order Organized Crime is journalist Alison Jane Reid's guest on the latest crowdfunded Luminaries Magazine culture and talk show. There will also be a Mindful Mixologist cocktail tasting.

Let's Make Elderflower Champagne with Rosie, Queen of Jam Makers!

How to make elderflower champagne, cordial and vinegar with expert recipe advice from Rosie Jameson, founder of the Guild of Jam. Rosie is passionate about championing traditional preserving and jam-making.

The Luminaries Magazine Live from the Ventnor Botanic Garden with Britt Rentschler, Chef Brad Roe and Carl Honore

Journalist Alison Jane Reid Presents a live magazine culture show from The Ventnor Botanic Garden, with guests Carl Honore, chef Brad Roe and Hollywood actress Britt Rentschler.

The Best Herbs to Beat Stress and Anxiety

Guest Medical Herbalist Paula Grainger discusses the best herbs and teas to melt away stress and anxiety and our editor recommends learning TM Meditation.

Happy Birthday Johnny Depp!

Johnny Depp turns 58 on June 9th 2021. Depp excels at playing eccentrics and loners who don't fit the typical Hollywood image of masculinity.

Marilyn Monroe Inspires Cat Deeley's Iconic Handknitted Wool Cardigan and Geisswein Makes Eco Chic Running Shoes in Merino Wool

Cat Deeley designs a handknitted intarsia wool cardigan for Winser London inspired by Marilyn Monroe and her last photoshoot. And wool trainers and running shoes are eco-chic at Geisswein.
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