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The Durrells: A Merlinesque Love Letter to Animals, Humans and Conservation!

The Durrells: A Merlinesque Love Letter to Animals, Humans, and Conservation! The Durrells on ITV, Starring Left to Right, Callum Woodhouse, Keeley Hawes, Milo Parker, Josh O’Connor, and Daisy Waterstone – Watch it on ITV, 8 pm Every Sunday and on the ITV Hub at www.itv.com [http://www.

Dynasties, Does David Attenborough Do Enough to Save them?

David Attenborough has done it again. The BBC’s new nature documentary, Dynasties, tells the compelling and emotional stories of five endangered species and their respective families during particularly crucial moments in their lives. It is (of course) narrated by the world’s greatest living naturalist, David Attenborough, as he

John Simm Thrills in Strangers

Strangers Starring John Simm Strangely, Strangers  – ITV’s big-budget autumn thriller, with a stellar cast to match that includes – John Simm, Emilia Fox, Dervla Kirwan, Katie Leung and Anthony Wong didn’t thrill me at all until the very end of episode one. How clever! But to begin, I found

Joanna Lumley's Silk Road Adventure

Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure We do adore a good slow travel odyssey. Sit down, relax, with a glass of organic wine, or put the kettle on for tea and come with us, and Joanna Lumley, as she adventures along the fabled Silk Road… the route of kings and

How to Bring Joy to Your Finances in 2017!

Happy wallet, happy world: how to bring joy to your finances in 2017 Google knows me so well. My browsing history is full of: 1. a) meditation and mindfulness articles 2. b) investment and finance articles In an effort to square this possibly quite unusual circle, I am delivered a

Upcycled Stationary and Naughty Mahiki Cocktail

Catwalk Stationary from Fashion Offcuts Kapdaa are a growing business in the rise of the slow, sustainable fashion industry. The company specialises in collecting the scraps and offcuts of designer materials and transforming them into something new and desirable. Rising from the ashes, “left-over” pieces of fabric which would have

Top Secrets of the Ethical Uber-Rich

Top secrets of the ethical uber-rich By Rebecca O’Connor, editor of Good With Money [http://good-with-money.com/?source=ethicalhedonist] One great thing about being wealthy is having the luxury of choice. With investments, this means the ability to choose what you want to invest in. Although investment is opening
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