The Watson Organic Farmers
The Watson Organic Farmers at Riverford Organic

INTRO Organic Food and Wine By Post

Organic food producers, bakers, chocolatiers, spice makers, tea purveyors and store cupboard ingredient makers are the stars of the COVID-19 lockdown.

When the supermarket shelves were empty, I came to rely on my weekly organic vegetable and meat box from Riverford and organic store cupboard food by post to put food on the table.

The Pleasures of Slow Cooking

Homemade organic ribollita straight form the oven with a parmesan crust

Planning meals carefully and delighting in all the preparation, chopping and wonderful aromas created a marvellous sense of joy and security. I also increased my intake of seasonal organic vegetables, made walnut and apricot bread from scratch, learned to love lentils and my skin glowed with good health.

I also noticed to my delight that my creativity and productivity increased too!

Letter Box Easter Eggs
Organic Food By Post – Chantal Coady’s Letterbox Isolation Chocolate Easter Eggs and Flat-Pack Chocolate Confections Featuring Exquisite Taste Sensations

Benefits of Cooking from Scratch

As more and more of us discover the pleasures and health benefits of cooking from scratch, we are here to champion an organic, biodynamic, slow and regenerative farm to table food revolution.

Courgette Pasta
Courgette Pasta with Gremolata Made with. Organic Vegetables

Starting today, we will begin to feature and champion the best organic, biodynamic and artisan food and ingredients producers from the UK, Europe and the US for you to support and order online or by telephone.

Organic Food Fit for a Goddess

Biodynamic Wine
Organic Food By Post- Biodynamic Wine

Greeting the postman from a safe distance with an interesting parcel of food ingredients has felt like Christmas and it has increased my sense of wonder and appreciation for the organic heroes who grow and craft our food and keep going in the midst of a global crisis.

Raw, Juicy, Sweet Kalamata Olives

Real food, is something precious and it needs to be acknowledged, talked about, celebrated and championed until the organic cows come home. I will never forget my trip to Borough to talk real Greek food with Oliveology and to discover that not all olives are created equal. Good, raw, sweet, juicy, unpasteurised organic olives are a dish fit for a Greek goddess and Ethical Hedonist!

Palazzo Tronconi vineyard.
The biodynamic vineyard at Palazzo Tronconi.

The quality and provenance of the food we eat and how it is made really matters to our health, the biodiversity of our planet and to our fundamental ability to thrive and feel happy.

Treat Food Like a Grand Amour

Organic Produce
Organic Produce

Food is life and love if you make time for it to sustain you and work its magic. Let’s not go back to how things were before COVID-19 with our broken food system.

Support Our Organic Food Heroes

Now is the time to get behind our organic and biodynamic hero farmers. Instead of viewing food as something you don’t have time for, make time and treat it like a grand amour. Cooking from scratch is very good for boosting mood, lowering anxiety, improving mental health and ensuring we get all the nutrients we need from food as medicine.

Bags of solar-dried banana chips.
Come Explore Our Organic Larder: Tropical Wholefoods continues to serve up delicious and nutritious treats for all.

Get in touch if you are an organic or biodynamic producer. You can support this important ongoing journalism project by pledging to our new crowdfunding pages on @patreon and @ko-fi. Soon we will launch a bigger campaign on to keep our magazine open and thriving.

Riverford Organic Recipe
Organic Food – Riverford Organic Recipe for Grilled Aubergine, Feta, ,Olive and Mint

Writing about film, drama and organic cooking from scratch and the best artisan and organic producers are like my best friends. They are activities I often do together.

Cooking and Watching Drama

I will cook whilst watching and formulating a tricky, in-depth review of Normal People, Sex Education, Sanditon or The Last Kingdom.  They are utterly familiar, fun, absorbing and eternal passions. It’s why I decided to launch this organic culture magazine instead of writing for a newspaper baron.

Virgin River
Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge Star in Virgin River for Netflix

I have watched Sex Education, Virgin River or Paddington 2 for review whilst learning how to cook real Mediterranean dishes or experimenting with cacao to get a chocolate fix fit for the Queen of Sheba and a good dose of stress-busting magnesium. Invention is most definitely the mother of necessity as I had to take action to deal with my addiction to chocolate!

Deliciously Organic Chocolate and Ginger Joy Cake, Recipe by River Cottage with a rather special ginger latte from Pukka Herbs
Deliciously Organic Chocolate and Ginger Joy Cake, Recipe by River Cottage with a rather special ginger latte from Pukka Herbs

Now I want to share the life-enhancing pleasures of cooking from scratch with delicious and nutritious and quite often decadent organic and biodynamic ingredients produced with love, passion and a determination to grow real organic food whilst acting as stewards of the natural world and all our precious, inter-dependent ecosystems.

Organic Food Heroes Stories

Greek Food Picnic
Organic Food By Post – The pleasure of eating real organic and Greek food on a high summer picnic

Let’s get started!  Welcome to our ongoing, evolving organic and artisan producers guide, together with recipes and food hero stories. Let us transport you and inspire your culinary organic adventures.

Head over to Our Organic Food Guide, soak it up, share it, pledge for more entries and watch it evolve into the best guide to real food.

Oliveology – Real Organic Greek Food – from Olive Oil and Olives to Corinth Currants and Beeswax