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Emily in Paris has Been Indefinitely Detained in the City of Love!

Emily in Paris is a hit and Netflix has announced that it Lily Collins and Ashley Park will return in the lead roles for series 2 of Darren Star's sequel to Sex and the City.

Organic Chicken with Olives, Fennel, Potatoes, Lemon and Thyme

Baked organic chicken with the flavours of the Mediterranean with olives, fennel, thyme, potatoes and lemon. The recipe is from our friends at Riverford Organic, farm to fork organic food heroes.

John Bell and Croyden - The Queen's Pharmacy Launches Same-Day Covid-19 Tests in London

John Bell and Croyden - The Queen's personal pharmacy offers same-day Covid-19 tests at its central London. store on Wigmore Street and in Selfridges.

Abisko Aurora Lights Gleam from the Midnight Sky in Sweden

A photo essay on the Northern Lights taken in Sweden. Nasa has announced that the sun is starting a new solar cycle 25 this season. Get ready for more aurora displays this winter.

Squirrel Monkeys at ZSL London Zoo Prepare to Become TV Stars

Black-capped Squirrel Monkeys Star in ITV's documentary about London Zoo - An Extraordinary Year.

Want to help London’s iconic zoo bounce back after the huge loss of income during the lockdown?

London Zoo reopens its doors after 3 months of lockdown - help them stay by visiting today! You might see a gorilla enjoying a giant cool ice lolly on a hot day.

Spy: Lock Me Down with Thor, Anaak Dresses & Win a Writing Journal!

Anaak Dress – Beautiful Handcrafted sustainable luxury silk summer dress in red and pink by Anaak at Matches Fashion.Diana Vreeland declared, “Pink is the navy blue of India, ”and that is exactly what this riotously red Anaak maxi dress [] with delightful ruffles imagines. Roman
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