How to find peace of mind with modern spirituality practice. Could a new approach hold the key to better mental health, less stress, and the longed-for calm, no matter what life throws our way?

Dr. William Bloom, Founder of the Spiritual Companions Trust and one of the most respected UK pioneers of modern spirituality, prepares to launch a revolutionary new approach to Spiritual Health at Alternatives, St James’s Church, Piccadilly in London, this Monday, 25 March. 

A girl perched on a rock looking out at a lake and mountains, Picture by Nadi Whatisdelirium
Cultivate spirituality – A girl perched on a rock looking out at a lake and mountains, Picture by Nadi Whatisdelirium

How to Nurture Your Spiritual Fire!

The result of ten years’ extensive research by Dr. Bloom and a group of educators at The Spiritual Companions Trust (the charity behind the UK’s first spirituality and health qualification on the Ofqual Register), this revolutionary new approach to spirituality and health, titled Your Spiritual Health Programme is founded on three main tenets: Connection, Peace of Mind, and Service. Presented in an elegant 40-page booklet (with a digital version freely available), the programme offers a simple, accessible way for anyone to enjoy spiritual health, and is open to people of all faith traditions.

Dr. William Bloom
Modern Spirituality Expert Dr. William Bloom

“The cornerstone of Your Spiritual Health Programme is about making your personal connection to the wonder and energy of life,” says Dr. Bloom, author of The Power of Modern Spirituality, who has a PHD from London School of Economics.  “It may happen when you’re walking in nature, or hear some music, or see a friend’s smile, or smell a flower, or during prayer. Some people find this connection when they’re swimming, running, playing sport or being creative. It’s crucial that you make time daily to connect to this life force. It’s your spiritual fuel.

Spending time in nature is a great way to cultivate spirituality and peace of mind

Spirituality Brings Meaning & Peace

“Also at the heart of the programme is peace of mind,” Dr. Bloom continues, “which can be developed by viewing every situation in life, whether easy or painful, as an opportunity to become more loving, compassionate and conscious. Choosing to perceive our experiences in this way creates a deep sense of meaning and inner peace. The third foundation is service: giving care and love to others. You are part of the web of life and your spiritual generosity supports everyone’s health, including your own. As Gandhi said: ‘Be the change you want to see’.

How to Cultivate Peace of Mind

In his experiential launch talk at St. James’s Church, Dr. Bloom will guide participants to discover their own best way to connect to spiritual health. He will also share tools and exercises for developing peace of mind and compassion, and give an overview of the scientific evidence for the health benefits of spiritual practice.

Chinese Men Playing Cards, Picture by Joey Huang
Chinese Men Playing Cards, Picture by Joey Huang

This London launch event will be the first of a series of over 60 Spiritual Health Taster events happening across the UK between Monday 25 March and Word Health Day on Sunday 7 April, giving hundreds of people the chance for a direct experience of the programme. Facilitated by qualified spirituality health coaches, the tasters will be delivered to a variety of sectors, including businesses, hospices, GP surgery staff, midwives, NHS Trust employees, yoga and meditation groups, faith groups, families, friends and neighbours, and to those attending open public events. 

Your Spiritual Health
has been widely acclaimed by leading pioneers in the wellbeing field
– from nutrionist Patrick Holford, Robert Holden and Lynne Franks, to Satish
Kumar, Tim Freke and pop star Toyah Willcox.  

Patrick Holford is a Fan

“I highly recommend Your Spiritual Health Programme which provides highly practical exercises to help you establish an enhanced spiritual outlook and resilience until this becomes your habitual point of reference,” says Patrick Holford, author of The Chemistry of Connection.

Bridge over a waterfall by Blake Richard-Verdoorn
Bridge over a waterfall by Blake Richard-Verdoorn

expert Dr Robert Holden praises the programme as “the key to inner peace and
happiness”, adding:“Your spiritual
health supports and nourishes you physically, emotionally and mentally. I wholeheartedly
recommend this programme.”

A Talk at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, London

Dr. Bloom launches Your Spiritual Health Programme at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, London as part of the Alternatives programme on 25 March (7pm-8.30pm). At this experiential talk event, participants will be given a free booklet copy of the programme and guided to discover their best way to “connect to the wonder and energy of life”. More info: