ACT NOW! Sanditon lovers!  Help us crowdfund at least 50 Sanditon Ltd Edition Memoir pledges by Saturday for my one of a kind sparkling long form Sanditon book style memento,  in support of great arts journalism and I will write a very special and exclusive new feature for you the Sanditon Sisterhood and fans. This new feature will examine the riveting love match and character development between Charlotte Heywood and Sidney Parker.

They are a pair of modern, star-crossed lovers to rival Elizabeth and Darcy, Ilsa and Rick and Allie and Noah in the Notebook. They have developed into a hero and heroine we can't forget and they must have their happy ending. It just isn’t Jane Austen without a wedding.

Love, feminine rebellion, emancipation, the slave trade and heroes with feelings –  not to mention the pros and cons of modernising Austen, there’s so much to write about. This will be a timed exclusive for Sanditon lovers!

This new piece will be added to the collectable review book.  It will also be published on the magazine with access for backers only for an agreed period of exclusivity, TBA.

The love match between Charlotte Heywood and Mr Sidney Parker is completely fascinating and explores themes around family, a woman's place in society and the idea of equality in marriage too. For the first time, another writer, Andrew Davies, has developed these two compelling lovers for a 21st century audience.

Images courtesy of ITV, Masterpiece PBS.

In many ways, they represent quite a departure for Jane Austen. Can you imagine an Austen hero who says “I am my best self, my truest self when I am with you?” Even Darcy didn’t display such open feelings and emotional intelligence towards Elisabeth Bennett.  Or a plucky heroine who rushes off to London unescorted to find her friend, who can stench a wound, discourse confidently on architecture and doesn’t constantly talk about her desire for a husband. Charlotte is portrayed as an accomplished, independent, intelligent woman to admire, who we can also relate too, who is the equal of any man, but most notably Sidney, who is portrayed as a young man who is quite dazzling, intelligent, a little wild, capable and a catch!

Let’s push a whole lot more for Sanditon 2. Love AJ and Sophie. xxx

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