Homemade Bloody Mary Cocktail

As artisan cocktails packed with superfoods are topping the London trend list, Rewfus from The 43 Club shares with us his recipe to make an organic Bloody Mary cocktail at home. So get some seasonal tomatoes, basil, a few spices, a little port and vodka and… One tablespoon of sugar only! Besides, what better way to enjoy an August evening in the garden than with a summery, delicious cocktail that is not too bad for us?

Handmade Bloody Mary Cocktail from The Club 43

Handmade Bloody Mary Cocktail from The Club 43


Glass: hi ball
Ice: cubed
Method: stir


Spiced vodka, 35ml
Tawny port, 15ml
Celery sugar mix, 10ml
HP sauce, 4ml
Tabasco sauce, 2ml
Organic boullion, 10 cubes
Tomato juice mix, 100 ml


Method: oven roast tomatoes with garlic and thyme. Mix makes 2 litres.


Large tomatoes, 15 ml
Cherry tomatoes, 10 ml
Garlic, 4 cv
Thyme, 4 sp
Red onion, 1 lrg

Method: blend with below ingredients

Olive oil, 2 tbls
Basil, 1 tbls
Sundried puree, 1 tbls
Tomato puree, 1 tbls
Black pepper, 1 tsp
Malden salt, 1 tsp
Sugar, 1 tsp

Method: simmer and reduce, 10-20 min


Method: blend and strain through muslin cloth


Celery stick, 4
Lemon juice, 50 ml
Simple syrup, 25 ml