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Rewfus from The 43 Club making curiously delicious artisan cocktails at the Philantropy Club monthly night out  Picture By Alexandria Hall


UK bread may contain carcinogenic chemical

Up to 30% of British bread may have been contaminated by a weed killer that may cause cancer.

Soil Association campaigners urge farmers to stop spraying products containing glyphosate, a chemical that  is probably carcinogen to humans.

The chemical is the active ingredient of Roundup, the world’s most used herbicide, and it’s sprayed a few weeks before harvesting.

Professor Christopher Portier, co-author of the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (IARC) said: “Glyphosate is definitely genotoxic. There is no doubt in my mind.”


World’s largest shopping mall achieves sustainability certification

City Centre Mirdif mall in Dubai is the world’s largest shopping centre to achieve a prestigious sustainability rating.

Leading retail and leisure pioneer Majid Al Futtaim has been using innovative techniques to reduce impact on the planet and improve operational performance in one of the hottest places of Earth.

Mr Al Futtaim says he’s committed to enhance people’s lives through his business and he supports Dubai’s vision to become one of the world’s most sustainable cities by 2020.

The shopping mall features luxury brands that are embracing a sustainable future such as Max&Co, Michael Kors and Cole Haan.


Scientists identify gene responsible for schizophrenia

Neuroscientists from Cardiff University have uncovered that one of our genes has an influence in ensuring healthy brain development.

When mutated, the Rosetta Stone gene is a high risk factor for mental illness including schizophrenia, major clinical depression and bipolar disorder.

Researchers  say that targeting this gene at an early stage of brain development may help prevent the insurgence of schizophrenia.


London drives boom in healthy cocktails

Alcoholic cocktails packed with superfoods such as kale, kimchi and quinoa are the latest London trend.

Bartenders have also lowered alcohol and sugar content in the cocktails, as customers are more concerned about the ingredients in their drinks.

Mobile cocktail bars such as Midnight Apothecary and The 43 Club are tapping into the rise of the food conscious consumer. This is driving sales of organic, local and botanical foods and now that extends to drinks with added health benefits amid concerns over the additives in wines and spirits.

Although women are usually more health-conscious then men, the trend is quickly spreading among male drinkers as well.

Cocktails: Homemade Bloody Mary


Women over 50 love their body

One in three 50+ women are planning to wear a bikini this summer, a poll by the retailer JD Williams has revealed.

The survey was conducted after a spike in sales of bikinis showed that  body confidence among 50+ women has reached an all-time high.

They are not afraid of ageing as much, with 94% of 50+ women  saying they feel younger than their age

Helen Mirren, who turned 70 this week, is the icon most women want to look like on the beach.


Millennials top the healthiest lifestyles

20-somethings are now the UK’s most health conscious age group, a study by ElecrtiQ has found.

Despite earning less than the older generations, 20-29 years old are the ones buying more superfoods (1 in 2) and spending more time in the kitchen making their own meals.

Some of the most popular organic brands they consume are Naked Juice, Yeo Valley and Pukka Herbs.

32% of them also engage in regular sports activities, compared to 19% of 40-somethings and only 11% of people in their fifties.