Meet Gung Ho Design readers! Do you feel for the Cinderella carrots, beetroots and potatoes languishing in your supermarket or local farmers market? Do you want to wear your ideals on your sleeve? If you do, you will be delighted to hear that it’s raining gloriously wonky and what’s in season vegetables on charismatic sustainable fashion label to fall in love with and make your tastebuds dance – Gung-Ho Design.

Gung Ho Protein Dress
Gung Ho Design Protein Dress

Fashion as Food for Thought

This is our, go-to slow, made in London fashion house for elegant, thought-provoking fashion as art with a dash of va, va voom. This season creative director Sophie provokes debate with her Food for Thought, made in Britain fashion collection featuring what’s in season vegetables and those imperfect vegetables which often go to waste.

Glamour, With and Eco-Chic Attitude

Irreverance is always in vogue, especially from a sustainable fashion house with the knack for pulling off stylish and ever so slightly cheeky fashion collection campaigns for social and environmental impact with a huge dose of glamour, wit, attitude and most importantly deliciously wearable, well-executed fashion.

Handmade in Silk and Tencel

We think veg, let alone wonky ones, and what’s in season beauties have never looked so delectable, charismatic and yummily edible! The dresses in tactile silk and sustainable Tencel (regenerated wood pulp) would light up any date, wedding or high summer picnic and we rather yearn to dress up as landgirls in the jumpsuits which mix practical utility with that all-important forties, can do chutzpah.

Gung Ho Wonky Jumpsuit
Gung Ho Wonky Jumpsuit

Wonky Veg, Lobsters and Big Cats!

For what is rebellion, if we don’t ache to dress up and join in as fashion rebels? Sophie Dunster, the designer behind this wear your passion on your sleeve slow fashion house has a wonderful talent for putting animals, vegetables, marine life, and charismatic big cats centre stage in her luscious, extrovert printed textiles.

Donations for Great Causes

Even better 10% of the profits from every garment Food for Thought garment sold goes to the featured campaign – Seed Share, a non-profit based in London which makes organic seeds available to farmers. We think that is very cool.

Whatever will Sophie dream up next to put conservation, sustainability and the circular economy on the world stage? We can’t wait to see it all stylishly unfold.

Gung Ho Wonky Top and Skirt
Gung Ho Wonky Top and Skirt

Thames Beach Clean-Up

Gung Ho Design also has the next beach clean up coming up in June. A great opportunity to meet the designer, help clean up the banks of the beautiful Thames and make new friends. 12-2pm Sunday 9th June – Gung Ho London beach clean up – meet on the banks by National Theatre at Waterloo

email to say you’ll be there!

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Gung Ho Broccoli Sweater
Broccoli Sweater
Gung Ho Wonky Blouse
Gung Ho Design Wonky Blouse
Gung Ho Protein Top and Skirt
Protein Top and Skirt
Lily Hirasawa
Lily Hirasawa founder of Yumchi
Lily Hirasawa
Lily Hirasawa founder of Yumchi
Lily Hirasawa
Lily Hirasawa founder of Yumchi