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Luminaries Spy: Talitha Getty's Boho Chic at Laura Biagiotti, Loewe Celebrates Craft and Frederic Gassita Mixes Cool Jazz and Bantu Culture at The Barbican

Arts journalist & slow luxury disciple, Alison Jane Reid, celebrates sumptuous, ways to slow down from Loewe's playful, inventive upcycled craft bag project to Laura Biagiotti's Roman, flower power, hippy chic and African jazz maestro Frederic Gassita at the Barbican.

Spy: Fantasy Fashion from The Arabian Nights, Wild Eve Spirit from Harris and Namibia in Rare Desert Spring

Luminaries Magazine Spy News - Namibia's spectacular desert spring, Wild Eve botanical spirit, handcrafted on the Isle of Harris and Marianna Deri's opulent, fantasy Arabian Nights slow fashion.

Gung Ho Design: Sustainable Fashion to Give You Food For Thought

Meet Gung Ho Design readers! Do you feel for the Cinderella carrots, beetroots and potatoes languishing in your supermarket or local farmers market? Do you want to wear your ideals on your sleeve? If you do, you will be delighted to hear that it’s raining gloriously wonky and what’

The Glam Organic Girl Forever in Fashion!

Miss September: Meet Our First Glam Organic Girl! Dr. Natascha wears her favourite vintage Fuchsia Korean hanbok. Photo credit: Yuyang Li at Little Forest Studio @little_forest_studioDr. Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas Reader in Marketing and Sustainable Business, British School of Fashion. Author. Style is not something you can buy. It’s

Swarovski Scholars, Conscious Design & the Sustainable Fashion Stars of Tomorrow

BA Fashion Swarovski Scholars at St Martins College of Art and Design“ If you want to Change the Status Quo It Starts With Education.” Swarovski, the 125-year-old heritage luxury crystal company celebrated for sprinkling Hollywood stardust over films such as the Great Gatsby and Bohemian Rhapsody and putting affordable (crystal)

How To Be The Consort of a Prince and Live Like The Duchess of Duke Street

Rosa Lewis, Queen of Cooks, Hotelier & Edwardian It Girl [] How To Be The Consort of a Prince and Live Like The Duchess of Duke Street If I was a Duchess or had squillions in a bank account at Coutts, I would live

Love Linen, Justine Tabak Gunda Hafner & the Designers Making Flax Sexy!

Justine Tabak Linen DressIt’s Love Linen month and we love linen! It is one of fashion’s most beautiful and ecological fibres. A fibre that has been worn for centuries yet feels utterly timeless and forever in vogue; a fibre that is made for bright, bold paintbox colours, flows
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