Citizen Kane, 1941, Starring Orson Welles and Dorothy Comingore

Actor David Shopland in conversation with The Luminaries Magazine Editor, Alison Jane Reid, AKA, AJ, for part two of their specially recorded luminary interview to discuss Orson Welles and the twists and turns of hero worship and keeping the audience on the back foot as part of his solo show Raising Kane, now performing at The Edinburgh Fringe 2023.

David Shopland in His Solo Show Raising Kane at The Edinburgh Fringe 2023

In many ways, David mirrors his idol, Welles, as a multi-disciplinary actor, director, producer and writer of award-winning theatre productions including Saving Brittany and his audacious Anti-Panto treatment of Cinderella for grownups. Oh, and here is an interesting tidbit, his paternal grandfather shared a flat and motorcycle with an up-and-coming Scottish actor, his name was Sean Connery.

Watch Citizen Kane

The BBC iPlayer is currently streaming three of Orson Welles's greatest films.

You can also watch Citizen Kane on the BFI Website. BFI Streaming is also available in the US. Go to the website for more information.

Citizen Kane

The Magnificent Ambersons

The Third Man

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A big thank you to The Roseate Reading Hotel for hosting the interview in Upstage, the hotel's beautiful art deco-inspired cinema.