Arts Journalist Alison Jane Reid Sitting in a Leather Chair in Her Favourite Bookshop

Hello, I'm AJ, Alison Jane Reid, an iconic journalist, editor and feature writer for 25 years, and the founder of this independent, slow Luminaries Magazine - for slothful culture vultures, film lovers and slow, organic and biodynamic foodies who think for themselves.

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The Great Love of My Life is Slow Journalism and Storytelling

Journalist Alison Jane Reid with Film Icon Jenny Agutter

I have been interviewing Luminary Cultural icons, actors and national treasures since I became a wide-eyed inquisitive reporter at the age of 23. The greatest love of my life is authentic journalism and storytelling. I've interviewed Sir David Attenborough, (three times), conducted an interview with Karl Lagerfeld over supper at his favourite cafe in Paris and I've created cover features, interviews and fashion stories with many leading actors and icons from Sienna Miller to Naomi Watts, Iman, Jenny Agutter, Kim Cattrall, Colin Morgan, Vanessas Redgrave, Joely Richardson, Hugh Bonneville, Keira Knightley, John Simpson and many, many more.

Queen's Brian May Loves Ice Cream and Stargazing Parties

Courtesy of Dr Brian May

One of my favourite interviews is with Dr Brian May, astrophysicist and lead guitarist in Queen. Brian loved Freddie Mercury dearly. He loves ice cream, Victorian daguerrotypes, cats and stargazing parties!

I Started The Luminaries Magazine After Being Fired for Having Ethics and Caring About My Student Internsc

I started The Luminaries Magazine (upcycled from my first magazine Ethical Hedonist after leaving a top woman's magazine) after I was fired for the second time in my 25 year career for caring too much about ethics in journalism. I refused to ask one of the most famous people on the planet about his wife and children. What did that have to do with an interview about being a life-long environmentalist? I'm going to be talking about my extraordinary adventures in magazine journalism when our live show returns. Who wants to interview me?!

How a Cover Story in Africa Inspired Me to Become a Journalist

Journalist Alison Jane Reid with Daryl Hannah in Belize - AJ Took Daryl to Belize to Do an Interview and Slow Fashion Story in the Rainforest

Journalism wasn't fun and exciting anymore. It had become formulaic, contrived and obsessed with celebrity. I wanted to get back to the kind of enthralling, original journalism that inspired me as sixteen year old girl, looking in wonder at the regal and enigmatic model Verusckha who was coiled around a tree as a painted snake in a famous Peter Beard fashion story in Africa.

I was captivated.

I wanted to be the journalist dreaming up a story like that in the African bush. So, when I left university, that is what I did!

We Champion Talented Artisans and Sloth Culture!

Now, iconic Luminary authentic slow journalism free of vested interests is becoming as endangered as the tiger. It's also expensive to produce and we are very discerning about who we feature. We champion artisans, organic and biodynamic farmers, writers, filmmakers, poets and artists not corporations. Help our vibrant slow arts and culture magazine to thrive and help shape the stories I want to write and broadcast with help from the students I mentor and collaborate. I am getting ready to return to broadcast journalism for the magazine this summer with university film students at Raindance in London. I have a very exciting interview coming up in late June and we your support.

The Luminaries Magazine Review

The popular and beloved arts and entertainment Luminaries Review is now a premium feature for paid supporters. The latest Luminary Review is published today. Quality journalism has to be paid for and it costs less than the price of two coffees a month. Please become a full member to read it. Do login to read it if you are a paid supporter. The Review is full of riveting new films and dramas to watch! It took more than a week to craft. It takes a great deal of time and journalistic endeavour to review the films, drama, radio and podcasts and then publish The Luminaries Review. I hope you agree that real journalism is worth supporting.

The Astra Zeneca Vaccine Seriously Injured My Immune System

For those of you who have recently discovered The Luminaries Magazine, I am rebuilding my life and this independent arts and culture magazine one story and show at a time as I continue to recover from life threatening, diagnosed vaccine injuries sustained from a single dose of the Astra Zeneca Vaccine in May 2021.

The Luminaries Show Must Go On!

BBC World Affairs Editor and Celebrated Foreign Correspondent John Simpson

My dream is to set the date for a reunion, crowdfunding magazine show for the first time in over three years. Who wants to come? Please email me and tell me you want to come. Then, we will set the date and interview guests. My last live and recorded interview show was with the celebrated foreign correspondent John Simpson in April 2021. ( I have recorded shows after that date, in between being very ill, but they were not recorded live to avoid stress. This includes my interview with the exciting singer songwriter, Katherine Priddy, last year's piece on the Edinburgh Fringe and the show devoted to the life of Vivien Leigh.

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Journalist Alison Jane Reid at the Annual Charity Journalism Ball. AJ is pictured with John Blake, The Newspaper Editor Who Gave Our Intrepid Reporter Her First Break.

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Join Our Luminary Magazine Tribe Here and Help AJ recover from the last three years of Covid-19 Vaccine Injury with No Support from the UK Government or NHS.

More About Alison Jane Reid Life Threatening Injury from A Single Dose of the Astra Zeneca Covid-19 Vaccine

Three years ago, today, The Luminaries Magazine was taking off, five months after the relaunch when I was seriously injured by a single dose of the Astra Zeneca Covid-19 Vaccine. I was held to ransom over my dying mother. Two hours after I had the vaccine, it was as if a bomb had been detonated straight into my veins.
I was never well enough to travel to see my mother before she died three months later. I said goodbye to her on WhatsApp. The fight goes on for justice and the NHS Vaccine Damage Payment for the near destruction of my life, my work and profound health trauma. The thousands of people injured by these novel vaccines are being silenced and left without any support. ( I was rejected for the vaccine damage payment with a medical diagnosis last week. The UK Government is rejecting 97 % of vaccine injury cases as a stalling tactic. There are over 11,000 claimants as I go to press.)

Surviving a Thousand Invisible Wars

The Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine damaged my immune system and left me struggling with dangerous autoimmune syndromes, including the horrific Sjorgren's Syndrome. Sjorgren's affects the body's ability to produce moisture and saliva. It's a highly effective instrument of suffering and torture. When it is active, Sjorgren's affects my eyes, my mouth, large bowel and bladder. From the point of injury, two hours after the vaccine, I experienced severe pain syndromes, dysphasia, chronic fatigue, brain fog, eye injury, ringing in my ears and many more life changing insults. I feel as if I have survived a thousand wars that people cannot see as they were all raging internally, apart from neuropathy. When I have an episode my face goes red and it feels as if my skin is on fire and wet at the same time.

The Spike Protein and Autoimmunity

I've had two years of functional medical rehabilitation. That has really helped, but I could not shake off the worsening autoimmunity. The culprit is the Spike Protein contained in the Covid-19 Vaccines. The study carried out by Brogna et al shows that Spike Protein remains in the body more than six months after vaccination and antibodies have been found three years after the last vaccination. The problem with the Spike is that the body treats like it a foreign invader and starts to attack itself. I've had a DNA test which shows that I have two COMT gene variants with poor detoxification capability.

As I became seriously ill last summer, I found Dr Peter McCullough, the world renowned internist, cardiologist and infectious disease specialist in the US. I asked him for help and I embarked on Spike Support, the vaccine detoxification protocol he formulated to help the thousands of people who have been injured by the Covid-19 vaccines.

Spike Support contains five natural detoxification agents that have been scientifically proven to break up the Spike Protein. They include nattokinase, Irish sea moss, green tea, black seed extract and selenium. The detox started to work within days and it has saved my life and health. I am continuing to recover from almost dying and I want my life and magazine back. Journalism, storytelling, writing and broadcasting are my passions and that is the best medicine. I will be publishing my full story soon.

Spike Support for Covid-19 and Covid Vaccine Injury Detoxification

For the past ten months, I have paid to have Spike Support sent to me from the Wellness Company in the US as Spike Support wasn't available in the UK. The Wellness Company makes cutting edge functional medicine supplements and emergency medical kits rooted in science and preventative medicine and created by the best medical and scientific minds in America free of pharma.
If you have been injured by the vaccine you can support me and the continuation of this independent slow arts and culture magazine by using our affiliate code to purchase Spike Support for yourself. There is a children's version of Spike Support too.

Please use the Luminaries Magazine link here - Spike Support You can also use the code #Luminaries for a 10 percent discount. The Wellness Company will shortly launch in the UK, hopefully in late June. In the meantime, my tip would be order from the US site and keep the value of your supplements below £135 so there is no duty or tax to pay. If you are based in the US then ordering is simple and straight forward and taxes are included. In the interests of journalistic independence and integrity, I have paid for all my supplies of Spike Support and I have found it to be gentle and eureka it works! My functional doctor has seen how Spike Support has helped me and he supports me continuing to take it until every trace of the Spike has been removed.

If you are anyone you know has been injured by any of the Covid-19 Vaccines, they could benefit from Dr McCullough's Spike Support Detox Supplement that has saved my life and health. Please check with your doctor and this includes the usual disclaimer that the makers can't make any claims. What shame governments didn't stick to the same rules for the Covid-19 Vaccines.

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