Actor de jour, Dan Stevens, star of Godzilla x Kong, Cuckoo and Abigail, would look sublime in Barrie of Scotland's magnetic 3D roses are red, artisan cashmere and lambswool wild Scottish salmon pink sweater. The sweater celebrates the great Scottish cashmere mills and the exquisite skill and remarkable craftsmanship in slow, handcrafted knitwear design. Dan clearly adores wearing handcrafted knitwear and we've noticed that he has been flaunting cardigans and groovy suits on the red carpet and at press junkets.

Dan Stevens in the Film The Man Who Invented Christmas

Roses are Red in a Scottish Cashmere Work of Art

Look at the roses! The luscious petals look good enough to pick. This captivating cashmere sweater is the perfect handcrafted slow fashion work of art to celebrate the rites of Spring and the power of the lovely rose, emblem of The United Kingdom. The sweater is designed with a relaxed round neck, drop shoulders and the all important oversized, nonchalant slouchy fit. We also declare that the Barrie rose sweater is the ideal boyfriend jumper to steal from your man. Just get him to buy it, given the rock star price tag and then take possession, shamelessly.

Barrie of Scotland Slow Cashmere Trompe l'oeil Pink Jacket

Cover Picture - Barrie of Scotland whimsical vibrant pink cashmere denim jacket featuring a trompe - l'oeil of a bird sitting on its floral perch. The jacket is made in Scotland and defines the iconic cashmere atelier and its captivating approach to slow, artisanal fashion that manages to be laid-back and extraordinary at the same time.

Barrie roses sweater, £1,410; also available in grey and yellow and ladies jacket, £2,220.

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Barrie of Scotland

Coming up Organic Roses

More lovely organic ideas to celebrate the therapeutic power of the rose

Organic Blooms - The Organic Social Enterprise Cut Flower Farm, Workshop and Shop.BarrieBaB

Organic Blooms - An organic flower farm and social enterprise close to Bristol. The farm champions the therapeutic benefits of horticulture whilst also looking after the soil, people and plants. If you are local to the farm you can buy sumptuous seasonal organic bouquets of cut flowers for collection. The farm also has a shop and runs flower arranging courses in wonderful settings. Take a look at the summer courses including - the organic blooms workshop at Acton Court on June 26th 2024. Details Organic Blooms.

Organic Rosewater as a face toner and beautifier

Steenbergs Organic Rosewater

Take a tip from your granny and use organic rosewater as an exquisite and affordable natural facial toner for your organic skincare rituals. Steenbergs, the organic spice merchants offer little bottles of exquisite organic rosewater made from the Persian Damask rose. A little goes a long way. You can find Steenbergs rosewater in your local healthfood shop or buy it from the website. The food grade organic rosewater can also be used in baking and smoothies.


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