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Rose Fulbright Designs Future Heirloom Loungewear for the Modern Slow Fashion Heroine!

Rose Fulbright is a slow, artisan luxury loungewear and lingerie designer and she wants us to treasure our clothes and invest in future fashion heirlooms writes Alison Jane Reid

Gillian Anderson Donates Her Hot Lips to Raise Money for Women Affected by War

Gillian Anderson, actress, activist, fashion icon and trailblazer celebrates her birthday and wears her lips to raise money for women affected by war writes arts journalist Alison Jane Reid.

Lapin - Slow Fashion, Future Vintage Coats to Treasure

Lapin is a slow fashion, artisan and bespoke coat maker based in New Zealand. Designer Jane Avery fashions one of a kind heirloom coats using natural fibres and vintage fabrics including wool, Indian silks and responsible eco-fur. Discover coats to treasure forever.

Pin Up: Alek Malek Flaunts St Tropez Glamour in Breezy Circular, Upcycled Silk Shorts and Audrey Cashmere

Alek Malek is our slow pin-up of the month. Alek radiates joy and she is a role model for women who have experienced displacement through war. Alek wears Winser London's, clashing summer edit. The Audrey boatneck cashmere sweater in powder pink with upcycled yellow silk tailored shorts.

Judy Garland, The Wizard of Oz, Red Glitter Shoes and the Forever Blue Gingham Dress

Judy Garland and The Wizard of Oz is the inspiration for journalist Alison Jane Reid and her iconic film and slow fashion story. Eighty years after the film came out, we still long to wear Judy's red glitter shoes and wear a simple, sweet gingham blue dress.

Dear Readers Welcome to The Luminaries Magazine - For the Very Best Journalism on Film, Drama, Icons, Deliciously Organic Food and Slow Fashion

The Luminaries is an independent arts and culture magazine. It is edited by journalist, feature writer and broadcaster Alison Jane Reid. The Luminaries covers icons, film, drama, books, music, slow fashion and regenerative food and health.

Love Story, Ali MacGraw, Ryan O'Neal and the Ivy League Look

A look at Love Story, streaming on Netflix. The film stars Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal and sparked the Ivy league Varsity College fashion look. A style that resonates on the catwalks today.
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