Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth in the BBC Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice

Come to a Pride and Prejudice and Regency Soiree and talk show live on Zoom. I will be presenting a show that celebrates the enduring  power and appeal of Jane Austen and Mr Darcy and the Bennett family with interviews with actors, Regency costume historians and fashion designers inspired by 19th century dress, etiquette and symbolism.

The date for your diary is either Saturday May 22nd or May 29th between 7pm and 9pm. The date is dependant on the acting talent! As soon as  I know, you will know. The evening will act as a benefit to raise urgent editorial and production operating funds for Ethical Hedonist Magazine, our independent arts and culture magazine, so we can continue to publish and grow after facing great challenges during Covid-19.

We will also be sharing a percentage of ticket revenue with the freelance costume academics taking part who have also been affected by Covid-19 and have lost work during the pandemic. So let's go!

The Timeless Power of Pride and Prejudice

Emelia Fox and Joanna David in Regency Fashion

Hello dear reader, it's AJ, the editor here. I love feature writing and reviewing. However, I have secretly always wanted to also present my own culture and interview show! So, when the pandemic happened I finally said 'what are you waiting for?', 'let's just do it!' Now, six shows later it is time to go all Pride and Prejudice and Mr Darcy for one divine evening! Just think how much excitement we can generate examining the merits of the different landmark adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, the actors who played these immortal characters from the novel and whether classicism or a bold reworking of the novel rules the roost.

Who is the definitive Miss Elizabeth Bennett and will Colin's Firth's white, wet shirt be forever imprinted in your beating heart or do you prefer Matthew MacFadyen's love-lorn hero in Joe Wright's painterly version of P and P?

Now please make lots of noise so we can attract some wonderful actors to come onto the show and be interviewed.

Regency Style and the Catwalk

Spurred on by your encouragement and the lovely comments and reactions to each new broadcast show, I am very excited to present a special two hour Pride and Prejudice and Regency Style Soiree and talk show devoted to the world of Pride and Prejudice and Regency costume and the impact of Jane Austen and other Regency costume dramas on the catwalk and 21st Century fashion.

We  would also love everyone attending the show to watch the landmark adaptations of Pride  and Prejudice from 1940, 1995 and 2005.

Jennifer Ehle as Miss Elizabeth Bennett in an Empire Style Gown

The evening will include interviews actors from either of two main adaptations and costume historians to talk and comment on the dress code of Jane Austen's world. I am also researching leading fashion designers who have declared that they have been inspired by the Regency period or the costume dramas that bring Jane's world to life.

As I write, I am delighted to announce that costume historian Vicky Haddock will be one of my interview guests and we will be examining how Jane Austen, Sanditon and hit costume dramas such as Bridgerton are having such an impact on the catwalks, more than 200 years after Jane wrote her immortal Pride and Prejudice and set hearts fluttering from Hampshire to Hamedan.

Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen in the Film Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice

Spread the word far and wide and let's get set for an unforgettable evening of storytelling, romance and elegance that Jane Austen would adore!

The Impact of Covid on the Arts and Independent Journalism and Publishing

At the time of writing we have received absolutely no Covid SEISS grant from the UK government despite being eligible for the grant. (As the founder and editor I have been harshly penalised for late filing because I was juggling work with managing and caring for my mother Dorothy. My mum has dementia and cancer and she is coming to the end  of her life.)

I appealed and lost without comment. Many journalists, artists and self employed workers in the arts sector have been left without any financial support in the UK, whilst corrupt politicians give public money to their mistresses.  

Please Tweet, share, comment and email if you would like to support and attend this live  and recorded online Zoom event  -