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Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief - Read the Story of Grace's Missing Millions in Our Arts and Entertainment Section.

We urgently need to create a sustainable and steady monthly income stream to recover from the challenges presented by Covid-19 and Brexit and the best way to do that is through reader subscriptions in return for rewards and more interaction with the magazine and with me the journalist founder Alison Jane Reid. I am completely in love with my profession. I love interviewing people and telling stories that need to be told. I knew I wanted to be a journalist and storyteller  by the time I was twelve years old.

So I went to university, buried my curious, creative mind in Henry James,  Graham Green, Bob Dylan and Jane Austen and then I had to knock on a lot of doors to get my first break.

Editor and Journalist Alison Jane Reid Illustration By Gwynnie Duesbery

I've been an editor and feature writer on broadsheet newspapers and colour supplements writing about icons, film, drama and food for more than 20 years. This includes almost a decade at The Times Magazine. I have also worked for Mirror Group, You Magazine and The Lady. My iconic features have also been published in  - The Sunday Times, The Independent, Red, Country Life, The Illustrated News Group, ES, Orient Express and Harpers Wine and Spirits. I have also personally mentored via this magazine, more than 35 undergraduates and graduates on their way to their first job post university. Help me do more.

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