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Spicy + Satisfying Organic Lentil Dal

At times, the transition from the warmth and liveliness of Summer into the cold-snap that Winter brings can lead to a complete lack of inspiration in the kitchen. Even though the sun setting earlier means that we’ll have to start taking our commutes home in the dark, there’s a simple fix to the Autumn chills. Luckily, we’ve discovered making Pukka Herbs’ Organic Lentil Dal and Spiced Roast Cauliflower and we haven’t turned back! Try making the recipe the night before and warm it in a Crock Pot while you’re away at work so you can come home to a nice, steaming bowl of fiery-warm flavours like cumin and red chilli with a fresh, earthy cut of coriander and turmeric.

A white bowl of Lentil Dal + spiced roast cauliflower sits on a whiter table. A side of roast cauliflower and a bowl of tzatziki are present in the background.
Pukka Herbs’ Lentil Dal + spiced roast cauliflower is a perfect warm introduction to autumn flavours and comforts.

While this recipes calls for red split lentils, you can swap them out for any lentils you have in your cupboard or add in more roasted veggies if you forgot to refill your bag at the store. For an even spicier twist, we like adding in our other favourite spicy peppers like cayenne, habaneros, or jalapeños. As a bonus, you can bring in any leftovers to work for lunch the next day for an instant pick-me-up as your energy starts to wane midday.

Assorted vegetables on display in a teal colander, including heirloom carrots, cauliflower, zucchinis, beetroots, and lettuce. Photo by Solare Flares from Pexels.
A variety of vegetables you can use for Pukka Herbs’ Lentil Dal, including heirloom carrots, cauliflower, zucchinis, beetroots, and lettuce for a side salad. Photo by Solare Flares from Pexels.
A graphic for Pukka's Lentil Dal + Spiced Roast Cauliflower Recipe with ingredients and instructions. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
A graphic for Pukka Herbs’ Lentil Dal + Spiced Roast Cauliflower Recipe. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

Hollie Grant laughs in a white-tiled kitchen with plants on the walls.
Hollie Grant’s passion for cooking and health combine to create delicious meals.
This recipe, courtesy of Pukka Herbs, was written by Hollie Grant, Owner of Pilates PT and author of The Model Method. Check out her website for more information or buy Hollie’s book The Model Method online.

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An illustration by Gwynnie Duesbery for Stefanie James’ monthly Conscious Horoscope column.

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