Onar –  Totally Far Out Fashion! And it’s sustainably luxurious too…

What would Princess Leila wear to her next party in deepest space?


Step forward the hypnotically sensual, sustainable luxury fashion galaxy of Onar – a new artisan fashion house from Helsinki that means ‘Dream’ in ancient Greek. Irene Kostas, its founder and creative director, is herself a dreamy, spiritual, melting pot mix of Greek and Scandi heritage and thus the consummate fashion magpie. She casts fashion spells like a confident style sorceress, adeptly clashing opulent, rich shearlings and supple, fine, vegetable tanned leathers into whimsical, acid bright, look at me, thoroughly arresting pieces of fashion art.  The affect is stellar. We predict and an intergalactic takeover and fashion super stardom.


We revel in her sophisticated vision for a modern, ethical luxury fashion house. While the execution of each shearling work of art is artisan in its execution, the finished garments belong resolutely to the world of modern art and techno music; two areas that define Kostas as a 21st century fashion innovator. The winter collection bears the delightful idea of – Damask Roses in Space – and the party that never ends. A place where guests dance on a bed of rose petals, the air hangs heavy with incense and fashion is all about freedom of expression – from bright, acid hued shearing bombers, to sculptural, geometric jackets, and wizard of Oz, cut off trousers embellished with bright poms poms. While the cape to flaunt is fashioned entirely of vegetable tanned leather and looks film star beautiful in monochrome white or black.


The sumptuous shearlings and leathers used in Onar’s collections are all by-products of the meat industry. They are chrome free and dyed and tanned sustainably. Onar dismisses the trend for faux-fur, sighting it’s poor sustainability cred.  It takes 1 gallon of oil to produce three faux-fur jackets and dog hair has been found in garments at the cheaper end of the fake fur market. Instead, Onar follows the zero waste approach and uses raw, natural materials from the meat industry. Welcome to the circular fashion economy. This is one trend we should all embrace.

Onar makes its debut in Fenwick’s on Bond Street this winter, and pieces start at £110.00 for accessories and rise to £1,000 for a shearling jacket. The colour palette is suitably out of this world, with begonia pink, bleached aqua blue, byzantine purple and galactic orange.

For more info or to buy pieces from the AW Collection visit – http://onarstudios.com/

To find out about Onar at Fenwicks – http://www.fenwick.co.uk/

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