Ah, we do adore a fashion rebel!

Especially, one as out of this world as ethical fashion house, Miina Laitsaari. This is fashion for girls who dream of moving to Mars, it’s all a bit Star Wars and Queen Abidala, and we love it.

Laitsaari is a cool Finn, conjuring up Dystopian fashion fantasy from her East London bunker and daydreaming about the day when ethical fashion is so mainstream, it is just the norm, and no one has to shout from the rooftops anymore. We can all focus on the cut, drape and artistry. Horray!

In the meantime, our fashion heroine has a darkly fertile imagination, and her mind started to wonder…. what girl wouldn’t want to look her best, even in a post apocalyptic world? Of course, style is eternal, right? While her vision might be bleak, Laitsaari clearly adores glamour, playful detailing and back to the sixties, icongraphy. Anyone for a dash of Barbarella and dream-scape, ice-cream Sunday colours?

Musing on her collection, she tells me, “ it’s a collection of simple yet edgy garments. The calm colours combined with jigsaw puzzle style cut of these pieces make the collection neat and visually exciting. The materials used give every piece of the collection a unique feeling”.

This result is a coolly appealing, inky, monochrome story of look at me pieces – from capacious, hooded capes – to siren, form-fitting gowns, jackets with cut out sleeves and sassy, space chick tops. It’s a goddess, form-fitting collection for the style warrior, who loves fashion as theatre.

Miina upcycles unique fashion waste and fabric off-cuts into one of a kind garments and each lovingly crafted pieces is made to order and a far out, work of art! Here raison d’etre is to make covetable fashion collections, whilst creating minimal impact on the environment, through thrift and reinvention. Let’s get in our space craft, and head to Mars!

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You can snap up the collection from Miina’s  below.

Website: www.miinalaitsaari.com

Instagram: @miinalaitsaarithebrand