Let’s skip to the Jazz Age, the Great Gatsby and the birth of modern fashion, with a Roaring Twenties, Artisan, hand-loomed winter coat, from slow British, ethical fashion house, Nomads. (Have I told you that their opulent, embellished, velvet frock coats and hand loomed, painterly coats are a bit of a best-kept fashion editor’s secret? Yes, I bought my first Nomad’s ink velvet, embroidered opera jacket more than a decade ago, and still adore wearing it).

Well, it’s not a secret anymore. This kaleidoscopic twenties coat in a hypnotic petrol or magenta weave is all about the art of slow fashion and buying beautiful, timeless investment pieces to treasure and pass on. Notice the attention to detailing, in the lovely buttons, the contrast satin lining and carefully placed pockets.

The Winter Coat to Make You Feel Good in the Dead of Winter

Forget the High Street, and invest in a coat fashioned with love, time and fair-trade, that will make you feel good on the darkest winter day. It will also keep you warm and cosy, look flattering with winter layers, and create a conversation piece with friends and admirers. Tell your friends that this artisan coat celebrates two things: A Cornish fashion house that started after a life changing trip too India back in 1989, when the founders, fell in love with the colors, sights, sounds and fabrics of this vibrant, extraordinary country. Secondly, it champions the artisan – most notably, the ancient skills of weaving and block printing.

Now, more than 25 years later, Nomads offers something really special – affordable, authentic luxury fashion, with storytelling and the kind of attention to detail you just won’t find in fast fashion – now that’s worth dancing the Charleston!

For More Info, Visit the Nomads Clothing Website

Images Courtesy of Nomads Clothing.

Image 1 –  Artisan, Hand-Loom Coat

Image 2 – The Nomads Family

Image 3  Artisan Winter Coat