Collaboration with Wonderful Weleda


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I have some exciting news Ethical Hedonist friends! I am now collaborating with one of my all-time favourite pioneering organic and natural beauty and wellbeing brands, wonderful Weleda. Together with our magazine, I am now a Weleda Advisor, and you can email me for advice and purchase Weleda organic beauty, body and rejuvenating tonics and detox elixirs through our own Weleda portal here, just in time for the New Year –  Ethical Hedonist Weleda Shop

Buy your favourite organic skincare heroes through our link, and help to support this inspiring sustainable, green and sexy magazine, and all the journalistic storytelling we do to bring you the authentic stories behind the incredible organic and sustainable producers that make a difference. There is so much I want to achieve, from increasing our features and video interviews to running internships for undergraduates and graduates. Help us achieve this simply buy buying your favourite Weleda skincare through Ethical Hedonist and asking us for advice.

Ethical Hedonist Wellbeing Events in 2018

As a journalist, my greatest passion is interviewing extraordinary people.  So, I am planning some not to be missed Weleda and Ethical Hedonist Magazine Meet the Producer, wellbeing events in London and Cambridge for 2018. Please leave a comment below, if you would be interested in coming to an in conversation interview with the head gardener from the Weleda organic garden in Ilkeston Derbyshire or meet the CEO. Plus smaller, intimate events for groups of friends. During these evenings there will be an opportunity to receive one to one advice, try samples and buy hero organic skincare to take home.

I discovered Weleda when I was a student at university in Wales, and I bought my first uplifting bar of delicately scented wild rose soap! What struck me at the time was that it smelt like a real rose, not a synthetic, artificial rose, and the powerful, yet subtle aromas of the essential oils uplifted my spirits, in a way it still does to this day. At the time, it smelt so good,  I kept it in my sweater draw for a few months, before I could be persuaded to use it!

When I look at the vibrant organic beauty and skincare market today, it is incredible to think that Weleda will soon have a very big centenary birthday to celebrate. Truly, this is a visionary organic company, ahead of its time. The story begins in 1921, when Weleda first started to grow and manufacture the plant-based ingredients for its own organic wellbeing products. Today, 95 years on, it still uses many of the same skincare formulations that it used at the birth of the organic and biodynamic movement, which came from the holistic ideas of Rudolph Steiner.

My Organic Eureka Moment

Aged 19, I experienced my own organic eureka moment, when I  discovered the most incredible organic bakery, in Bangor, Wales. I began to understand the vital importance of how we grow and make everything we consume. It is all about the soil. Living, healthy soil produces real food and the vital ingredients to sustain us. Highly processed, industrial food does not.  It is as simple as that. From that moment on, I became an organic girl – and then an organic girl journalist!

My favourite Weleda products include – the iconic Skinfood, which is a multi-tasking, luxurious wonder cream, without the luxury price tag, for dry, damaged or neglected skin, and it smells deliciously zesty too. I’m in very good company, apparently, Julia Roberts and Adele are fans too. I love the sea buckthorn hand cream – which is curiously fruity and transforms parched hands to silken hands. My other must have elixirs would be – Weleda’s Onagre perfume – a sophisticated scent, with exotic notes of magnolia with warm sandalwood and cardamom to evoke the fragrance of a summer garden at night. While birch juice is my go to tonic to start a brand new 2018 with an organic spring in my step. How about you? Tell us about your organic skin heroes. You can email me at the magazine if you would like any advice or help  –

The Weleda Ethical Hedonist Shop Works as a referral/affiliate/ and wellbeing advisor programme with Weleda UK.

Image of girl in a hat, courtesy of Unsplash.