The Heirloom, Sustainable Luxe Winter Coat to Treasure!

Snow Queens, your forever, one of a kind, sustainable luxe winter coat awaits you… Jane Avery’s Lapin, camouflage and eco rabbit fur embellished swing coat looks back to a golden age of fifties allure, femininity and post war optimism. We would be thrilled if Santa came down the chimney with this bespoke, limited edition, heirloom masterpiece.

Let’s jump off fast fashion merry go round and rediscover the pleasures and style longevity of fashion built to withstand tempests! A coat to treasure and treat like the beguiling friend who always turns heads in a crowded room… Muse on Kim Novak’s icy, couture wardrobe in Hitchcock’s Vertigo and you too can dress like a screen icon.

A Bespoke Slow Fashion Masterpiece

Each coat is painstakingly handmade and hand-stitched, and features a cornucopia of rich, embroidered textiles and trimmings lovingly sourced by Jane on her global wanderings. Each coat is finished with opulent, eco fur embellishments on the collar, hem and cuffs, and lined with the timeless feel and luxury of silken crepe de chine for the kind of glamour that never goes out of fashion.


Jane, a Dunedin based television journalist turned artisan fashion designer, would also like to highlight a humane solution for New Zealand’s exploding wild rabbit populations. The common rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) was introduced into New Zealand’s pristine countryside in the 1830s. At the time, European settlers saw rabbits as a source of food and sport.

Unfortunately, what they unleashed has led to ecological disaster. Plagues of rabbits were born, turning vast tracts of land in the south island into arid wastelands.
Fast forward century later, and rabbit populations are still a serious ecological problem in New Zealand today. Farmers and local authorities regularly resort to using chemicals and poison to try and control rabbit populations, raising serious questions for animal lovers about the ethics around pest control.

A Timeless Fashion Star

Jane’s solution is to craft beautiful, slow fashion garments from humanely caught pelts (the wild rabbit fur is a by product of the meat industry in New Zealand) and fuse them with handpicked global textiles for a winter coat that is destined to be a shining star in your heritage wardrobe.

This is a slow luxury coat for today and for many winter seasons to come.

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