Shot from above, a group of four people share a plate of cheeses, fruit, grilled veggies, and red wine. Photo by from Pexels.
Sharing good, organic food with friends is a great way to live long and happily. Photo by from Pexels.

A Guide to Buying Deliciously Organic Store Cupboard Ingredients

The joy of assembling a magnificent organic larder is that you can always create a simple, delicious and nutritious meal pronto!

Rare and Exquisite, Tried and Tested

Without further ado, come inside our autumn organic, fairtrade and wild-crafted store cupboard, filled with rare and exquisite tried and tested culinary jewels, that champion the small farmer, fisherman, and real food producer –   from rose petal-strewn spices from Arabia to  -sustainable sardines from Britanny, preserved in organic olive oil and lemon and – delightfully nutty and versatile wholemeal quinoa, grown in the English countryside. 

A breakfast sits of a white mug of coffee, a croissant, and two slice of cantaloupe sit on a wooden table alit in morning sunshine with a green plant as centrepiece. Photo by Tatiana from Pexels.
When it comes to good organic ingredients, simplicity is best. Photo by Tatiana from Pexels.

We love organic baking with pale delicate Khorasan- the flour of the pharaohs and making rich, comforting risottos and slow pot dishes with robust, earthy shitake and porcini mushrooms from fairtrade farmers in Uganda. We are also excited to tell you about Tiana’s raw, active organic honey to rival Manuka’s crown.

What’s in Season!

Cooking according to what’s in season is a revelation in terms of taste, freshness, and culinary possibilities. Imagine chargrilled local mackerel salad with opulent, fire, blood-red Valencia oranges or a sweet and tangy salad of ash goat cheese, French walnuts, native British apples, and black figs. While perfumed Muscat grapes are sweet treat delight and cranberries make their debut as Christmas beckons.

A slate table is covered with fresh garden vegetables and plants like gourds, tomatoes, cabbage and sunflowers. Photo by Ella Olson from Pexels.
Fresh autumn produce lights up any kitchen mood. Photo by Ella Olson from Pexels.

Britain in Autumn

Discover the infinite variety of real native British apples in all their autumnal glory from crisp, golden-hued russets to rose-flushed pippins and the suitably regal sounding La Reine du Canada, with juicy flesh that tastes curiously like a pineapple. Apples are rich in beneficial bacteria, so the mantra ‘an apple a day’ is spot on. Apples are endlessly versatile for eating raw, baking, and pressing. Make a beeline to your local farm shop, orchards, and specialty shops and help support growers who are trying to preserve real native apples from the tasteless uniformity of their hybrid cousins sold in supermarkets. They are universally bland, woody and lacking the all-important crunch!

Then, warm your heart with slow-cooked one-pot dishes enriched with Padron peppers, a cornucopia of different squashes, black kale, spinach, onions, garlic, button mushrooms, and robust, earthy, iron-rich chard.  

A poster conveying what fruits and vegetables are currently in season this September/October with an illustrated pumpkin as the background for the list of produce. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.
What’s in season this September/October? Courtesy of the Vegetarian Society. Designed by Gwynnie Duesbery, 2019.

Come Explore Our Organic Larder ↓

A person sits with an open green coconut next to her on a balcony overlooking a rainforest. Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels.
Come Explore Our Organic Larder: Eating a raw coconut in the rainforest. Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels.

Raw Green Coconut

We’ve asked you to come explore our organic larder but what about exploring the outdoors in the process as well? Not all of us are lucky enough to be sitting in paradise but there’s one thing that can always transport us to feeling like we are – a sip from a raw green coconut! A food of life – drink the milk first to nurture good digestion and then chop up the sweet, juicy flesh for salads. Pick one up from a local specialty shop, at Waitrose or independent health food store (a quick Google search with your town should do the trick).

A box of Pukka Herbs' Supreme Matcha Green Tea.
Come Explore Our Organic Larder: Pukka Herbs’ Organic Supreme Matcha Green Tea is the perfect pick-me-up and instant summer reminder as the seasons change and start to grow colder.

Pukka Herbs Organic Supreme Matcha Green Tea

How did we live before discovering the bright, grass-green, authentic superpowers of this antioxidant-rich blend of emerald organic green tea with Matcha powder? Made with whole leaf Sencha, Indian green tea and Vietnamese Pin Ho Wild Jade. Brew it for 15 minutes and Shazam your day! Also great in cooking to add to soups, cakes, and smoothies. Buy it in our magazine shop for £2.99 per box (20 tea sachets).

A bag of the editor's favourite trail mix, Pearls of Samarkand Himalaya Mix.
Come Explore Our Organic Larder: A mix of wild-harvested dried fruit, nuts and berries along with peeled Cacao nibs to satisfy any late- night cravings.

Pearls of Samarkand Himalaya Trail Mix

The trail mix to keep you company on a great or small adventure – a cornucopia of exquisite unsweetened dried fruits, berries, and nuts as nature intended including – mulberries, goji berries, wild apricots, cacao pieces that taste like a good Shiraz, plump black beauty raisons and wild almonds. With no sugar added, the trail mix only contains the sugar that naturally exists in these mountain berries. Purchase it from Wholefoods and select independent health food shops or online at SuperfoodUK for £10.21 per pack of three 100g bags.

A product shot of MANI's Raw & Fermented Green And Kalamata Olives.
These MANI olives will change up all your ideas about how the best olive should REALLY taste.

MANI Raw & Fermented Green and Kalamata Olives

Delicate, sun-ripened raw mixed olives – a taste revelation. They are so different to industrial olives. Preserved au natural (versus in sea salt brine or olive oil), MANI table olives are “carefully harvested, de-bittered, preserved, and processed with no additives whatsoever.” Use them in salads, on rustic pizzas, and to transform baked sole or a mezze dish. Once tried you will never go back. You can purchase them online at Natural Collection at £3.69 per 175g jar.

A package of Ras-El-Hanout Spice Mix from Seasoned Pioneers.
Seasoned Pioneers’ take on the famous spice mix native to North Africa.

Seasoned Pioneers Organic Ras-El-Hanout Spice Blend

Use this exquisite treasure trove of organic spices and lovely rose to transform autumn tagines, fresh mackerel and roast chicken fit for a Queen with tiny delicate rose petals and subtle yet complex, warming, aromatic spices. This take on the famous spice mix native to North Africa (especially found in wildly varying forms in Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco) is available for £2.95 per 33g bag from Seasoned Pioneers. Editor’s tip – let your imagination travel to far-flung culinary lands and transform roasted vegetable dishes, such as roasted cauliflower, into flavours you’ll never forget!

A box of Hampstead Darjeeling Tea.
Come Explore Our Organic Larder: Fancy something a bit stronger? A cup of this organic + biodynamic Darjeeling tea will warm you right up!

Hampstead Darjeeling Tea

Let the world stop for organic and biodynamic tea and delight in every fragrant drop of the champagne of Teas – Darjeeling. We first sampled this exquisite biodynamic example of a very fine Darjeeling at The Organic Products Show Europe. Wonderfully bright and fragrant with aromas of perfumed white peaches this tea is grown on the foothills of the Himalayas. Available from independent health food shops and online at Hampstead Tea for £5.99 per box (40 satchets).

Bags of solar-dried banana chips.
Come Explore Our Organic Larder: Tropical Wholefoods continues to serve up delicious and nutritious treats for all.

Tropical Wholefoods Organic Chewy Banana Chips

Deliciously chewy solar-dried banana chips made from small bananas known as Ndizi or Ladies Fingers. As the whole fruit is preserved, they are a source of dietary fibre, with no added sugar, use them in fruit salads, homemade muesli, and savoury dishes. Buy them online at Tropical Wholefoods at £6.85 per pack of four 150g bags.

The three flavours, Wild Mountain flower, Citrus blossom, and Cherry Blossom, of Enzyme Activity honey from Tiana Fair Trade Organics.
Come Explore Our Organic Larder: The Raw Active Organic Honey line from Tiana Fair Trade Organics.

Tiana Fair Trade Organics Raw Active Organic Honey

An excellent alternative to Manuka Honey without the inflated price tag. Since these Raw Active Honeys have never been heated above 40C, their natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are never destroyed and keep their rich quality. 100% organic, non-pasteurised and unprocessed for a pure and delicious treat, raw, organic honey is packed with vitamins A, B, B2, B6, C, and Folic Acid as well as Potassium, Calcium, Iron and Copper! Available in Wild Mountain Flower (enzyme diastase activity of 10+ at £11.99), Citrus Blossom (enzyme diastase activity of 18+ at £18.99), and Cherry Blossom (enzyme diastase activity of 39+ at £24.99) from Tiana Fair Trade Organics in 250g jars.

A bag of Hodmedod's Organic Wholegrain British Quinoa.
Come Explore Our Organic Larder: A bag of Hodmedod’s Organic Wholegrain British Quinoa. Grown by Andrew Williams in Suffolk.

Hodmedod’s Organic Wholegrain British Quinoa

Deliciously nutty, earthy and comforting and so simple, so long as you remember to prepare it with great respect! Simmer don’t boil. Treat it like couscous and toss in autumn kale, pieces of raw beetroot and creamy goats cheese as a final flourish. Available at many independent local health food shops or online at Hodmedod’s for £10.80 per pack of three 500g bags.

A jar of Raw Basil Pesto from Seggiano's.
Come Explore Our Organic Larder: Made in Italy, the authentic flavours shine when mixed with al-dente pasta or with 2:2:1 olive oil and apple cider vinegar for a delicious homemade salad dressing.

Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto

For when you want pasta pronto and pesto that exceeds homemade, from Liguria, of course. The perfect store cupboard staple, so you can always create a meal in minutes. With no cheese and the best and most authentic ingredients, this Raw Basil Pesto (Pesto Genovese) is vegan, gluten free, and GMO free so you can cook with ease. It tastes satisfying rich and turns a simple dish of pasta into a meal fit for a connoisseur of Italian cooking. Check out their other flavours, too – Black Kale (Cavolo Nero), Tomato (Pesto Rosso), and Wild Fennel Tomato (a specialty native to Sicily)! Find them all at a local health food store near you or online at Seggiano’s for £6.40 per 200g jar.

A product shot of Ombar's 72% Raw Cacao Bar.
Come Explore Our Organic Larder: Deliciously dark and creamy, this Ecuadorian chocolate bar satisfies even the strongest late-night craving.

Ombar 72% Raw Cacao Bar

Sinfully creamy, with notes of caramel and burnt toffee – one square is too frugal and three is never, ever enough. Oh, and its guilt-free right? All Ombar products are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, free of refined sugar, and certified organic and fair trade according to the Fair for Life standard. Available at select independent health food shops, Waitrose or online at Ombar for £1.99 per 35g bar.

A bag of Organic Stoneground KAMUT Khorasan Wholemeal Flour from Doves Farm.
Come Explore Our Organic Larder: A rare grain species, Doves Farm Organic Stoneground KAMUT Khorasan Wholemeal Flour is perfect for baking.

Doves Farm Organic Stoneground KAMUT Khorasan Wholemeal Flour

Khorasan flour is reputed to be the bread of the pharoahs, and we can see why. After buying a fat, magnificent round, Khorasan organic loaf from one of the many artisan organic bakers in Cambridge we’re hooked. The flour creates a springy, open texture rather like a crumpet, and the flour is delightfully nutty without being overpowering and we found it easier to digest. This was the only incentive required to track down this ancient variety of flour and use it for delicate pastry and handsome homemade loaves. Try from Doves Farm Khorasan for £3.44 per 1kg bag, Waitrose, or independent organic grocers and health foods shops.

A 100ml brown bottle with a red, grey, and white label reading 'Steenbergs' Organic Rose Water' is contained by a silver twist cap. The bottle sits on a light-coloured wooden table with a grey wall behind it.
A bottle of this Rose Water is useful for DIY skincare, delicious drinks, and traditional dishes.

Steenbergs’ Organic Rose Water

Organic rose in cooking? Absolutely. How about creating your own calming and deeply heart-warming rose-scented, flavoured yogurt, ice cream or a Sunday best organic cake? Prepare to let your imagination run riot. For the very best organic rose water it has to be Steenbergs water-extracted rose water for baking made from the prized Persian Damask Rose and sought after in the very best perfumes and organic beauty elixirs too. Even better, this organic rosewater is sugar and salt-free. It is available to purchase online from Steenbergs’ for £3.90 per 100ml bottle.

A green, yellow, white, and black bag of Crosta & Mollica Piadina Organic Flatbreads sits on a white background.
Made in Italy with 100% natural ingredients and absolutely no palm oil, these organic Piadina flatbreads are great for sandwiches on-the-run or sliced into thin strips and toasted with olive oil for a fun cracker to dip in homemade hummus!

Crosta & Mollica Piadina Organic Flatbreads

In the Emilia Romagna, these delightfully flaking, extra virgin olive oil, organic flatbreads are eaten as a warm folded sandwich. Made with just four ingredients, – organic flour, extra virgin olive oil , water and salt, as real bread should be – Crosta & Mollica’s organic, artisan Piadinas are an authentic delight and a big hit with our editor AJ, who likes to use them to create a mini organic pizza or to dip in her golden organic soft-boiled eggs. Editor’s Tip – make sure you gently heat them until they start to crumble and flake and ooze oil, then serve at once. Available to purchase in-store or online at Waitrose for £1.89, with 4 flatbreads (300g) per bag.

A yellow and black box of Fish4Ever Sardines in Organic Olive Oil and Lemon sits on a white background.
These sustainably fished sardines have high levels of Omega 3 to preserve their intense flavour and nutritional benefits.

Fish4Ever Sardines in Organic Olive Oil and Lemon

Create a classical organic Mediterranean sardine salad in minutes with Fish4Ever’s MSC day boat -caught Brittany sardines preserved in organic olive oil and lemon. Sardines are rich in anti-inflammatory, heart-friendly omega 3 fatty acids. To make a salad combine – combine with cooked baby new potatoes or cooked sweet potatoes in small cubes, chopped, cubed carrots, cooked broccoli florets, cooked cannellini beans, and small cubes of native British apples and good quality olives and combine in a homemade olive oil dressing with garlic, apple cider vinegar and herbs de Provence. Available to purchase in-store or online at Planet Organic for £3.19 per 120g box.

Teemill Circular Fashion Cotton Workers with Co-Founder

Want to read more of our deliciously organic September journalism? Alison Jane, editor-in-chief and sustainable fashion expert, interviews Rob Drake-Knight, co-founder together with his brother Martin of Teemill. Learn how the future of fashion is changing with innovators like this disruptive organic and circular economy t-shirt business!

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Researched and written by Editor-in-Chief, Alison Jane Reid.
Additional research + writing, layout/ design, and graphics by Gwynnie Duesbery. Gwynnie recently completed her joint BA(Hons) in Media + Communications and Sociology at Kingston University London after interning with Ethical Hedonist for the past year. Support Gwynnie as our very first paid editorial assistant by pledging to our @patreon campaign, buying our organic magazine t-shirts, donating to our Paypal or hiring us to put some stellar stardust into your ethical storytelling.