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Positive Impact Portfolio News

Positive Impact Portfolios Summer 2017 Update Welcome to the EQ Investors Quarterly Summer Update on Positive Impact Portfolios and Areas for Sustainable Growth and Innovation EQ Investors quarterly update focuses on specific investments made by the funds within the Positive Impact Portfolios. As well as avoiding harmful investments, we continually

Evergreen Insurance Donates £1,000 to Wildlife Charity

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust has scooped a cheque for £1,000 this week, after winning the public vote in the Evergreen Ethical Insurance’s summer charity competition, which featured at Countryfile Live this year. Ethical Business Making a Difference to Nature It’s exciting to see Ethical Business making a difference

How Impact Investing Can Drive Social and Environmental Change

  What’s the difference between ethical and impact investing? When investors first become aware of impact investing, they wonder if it is the same as ethical or socially responsible investing (SRI).  So what is the difference? Ethical investing typically focuses on excluding controversial sectors, for example tobacco and firearms.

Star Product of the Week - Evergreen Charity Friendly Insurance

Let’s all talk about insurance. Yes, even Ethical Hedonists have to be grown up sometimes! We want ethical insurance with values and environmental impact, right?  I know it can be  a dry subject, but one we all need to think about when it is time to renew a policy

Prof Jo Hermans On Magnificent Sustainable Flying Machines

  How do we make our love affair with flying machines and the wonders of air travel across the globe more sustainable? How do we end our dependency on fossil fuels? In fact, how do we move to a new age of smart mobility, where getting from A to B

Fall in Love with Investing for Social Impact

With the new tax year just starting, what better time to reflect on our habits, and give our ethical  and sustainable investments the best chance of success in 2017/18 One of the keys to success in many areas is having good habits. When we first enter the world of

Meet the Animal Hero Bringing You Insurance with Compassion

Insurance that gives back to animal and conservation charities is an exciting idea – what inspired you to set up Evergreen Insurance? Nature and the marvels of the animal world are two of my greatest passions in life. Now I have found a way to turn a life-long passion into an
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