Let’s all talk about insurance. Yes, even Ethical Hedonists have to be grown up sometimes! We want ethical insurance with values and environmental impact, right?  I know it can be  a dry subject, but one we all need to think about when it is time to renew a policy or find a great deal that offers us the right protection.

What if there was an ethical insurance company that could find you the very best house insurance for your dream pad in the city, your castle or your next slow travel odyssey? And, what about insurance for that beloved terrier who doesn’t have the best road sense?  What if they also make generous donations to animal and conservation charities at no extra cost to you?

Dave Wants to Make Your Day, and His Favourite Animal Charities

Then we have got just the ticket! Meet Dave Gardiner, the likeable, animal-mad, ethical founder behind Evergreen Ethical Insurance. Dave lives with an assorted menagerie of rescued cats and chickens, and whatever else he and his partner find on their nature rambles. Now, he wants to make it very convenient for you to find the right insurance, at the right price, whatever your needs, and dare we say, even make your day.

Personal Service and Donations to UK Wildlife Charities

How? By offering a super personal service and making a generous donation to an animal or conservation charity, each time you take out a new policy. The company currently makes donations to the following charities – Lionaid, Butterfly Conservation, Buglife and Cuan Wildlife.  Or you could nominate your own.

Evergreen is a beautifully simple idea that we are sure is destined for huge emerald success! Go animal magic Dave!

To get in touch with Dave give him a call on this number – 020 3907 1359 and tell him the Ethical Hedonist has been talking about him!