St Tropez Dreaming and Six of the Best Organic Rose Wines


There is something about a glass of delicate, well-crafted, salmon-hued, organic rosé wine that distils the essence of summer. It conjures up the season of unhurried, al fresco suppers, ladylike, Grace Kelly style summer dresses, an incorrigible columnist in tow and pootling around Provence in a tiny Fiat. What fun we had  admiring the high life and low life of St Tropez and dreaming of that first, carefree aperitif beside a glittering sea. How I miss St Trop, G, and being persuaded to pose in a field of sunflowers  a la Marilyn Monroe!

Time to Drink Less and Go for Quality Organic Wine

Let’s all drink organic rosé wines and toast our French friends. They are the biggest producers of rosé wine across the globe and drink more pink than white wine. Who can argue with 2,600 years of wine making knowledge, passion and pizazz? However, we do have a caveat. Just as we have become aware of the problems with industrial style food production, the same concerns are surfacing over the way mass produced wine is made and the ability of pesticides to leach into the grapes. it’s a good time to become more discerning about the wine we consume and ask the question – ‘ who made my wine and how did they make it?’ Seek out the the new breed of natural wines that are well-made, certified organic or biodynamic or from trusted small artisan producers, where clever biodiversity  is used to control pests, not chemical spraying of the grapes. Organic vineyards are the sort place you would want to visit, where roses grow between the wines, and bees flourish.  Why? Because it makes sense. Who wouldn’t rather have a ladybird deal with vine pests  rather than a cocktail of pesticides? Who wants to drink over-hyped, industrial style wine, when you could be savouring  true artisan wine, made with passion and time? A glass of wine or two that leaves you with rose tinted memories, not a hangover.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Make Rose Wine

It’s all about provenance. If it is swell enough for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to release their own rosé  wine at Chateau Miravel and Billy Joel to sing that he would rather drink the pink stuff –  let’s drink pink!

Six of the Best Organic, Natural and Artisan  Rosé Wines 

Here are six of the very best natural, organic, vegan and low sulphur rosé  wines from the Penedes to Provence and those clever, award-winning organic wine wizards in the quintessentially English, Surrey Hills. Yes, Surrey and Sussex are quite the wine making hotspots. Move over Champagne and Bordeaux… Gone are the days when organic wine was a rather primitive or hit and miss affair. Now, the most gifted and high profile wine producers are talking about the extraordinary benefits of organic and biodynamic viniculture – it’s all about the soil and slow wine making to produce wines that will linger long on the palate and the memory after summer has come and gone for another vintage year.

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Jane Ventura, Rosat Seleccio, Penedes, Spain 2015

Jane Ventura Rosat Seleccio

Jane Ventura Rosat Seleccio

I will never forget the afternoon I discovered my first seriously moorish Spanish organic rosé  in a certain upmarket supermarket on Oxford Street. What a surprise. This is not a wine for shrinking Violets!  This bold wine from the Penedes is the equivalent of a look at me pink dress or maybe a pink bow tie for the boys. Rosat Seleccio is a lovely wine with oodles of personality, good acidity and pronounced fruit and floral flavours – it’s the perfect picnic accomplice.

This beguiling example is a delightfully pretty salmon colour with fruity hits of pomegranate, raspberry and red flowers. It has a real zing too. It’s made from a blend of Tempranillo, Sumoll and Syrah grapes.

Personality: It’s fruity, robust and refreshing. It’s the perfect wine for alfresco summer nights and goes really well with grilled meat and fish.

Vineyards: 10 different plots, either owned by the property (MasVilella and Finca Els Camps) or by local grape producers of the Baix Pendes and Alt Camps areas.

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Pinot Noir Diamond Fields Rosé , Davenport Vineyard

Davenport Pinot Noir Rose

Davenport Pinot Noir Rose

Who resist the colour pink and a velvet wine that can match the pink hues of an India Sky at dusk ? Even better, this wine is produced with minimal intervention and maximum finesse. Imagine a bowl of strawberries and cream with intense fruit flavours that linger on the palate, offering a long, elegant finish and no acidity.

The producer,  Will Davenport, says this wine should age well for a few years in the bottle.

Buy Davenport Pinot Noir Rose, £14.00,  The Organic Wine Club


Domaine du Jas d’Esclans 2011, Cote de Provenence AC, France

 Jas d'Esclans Code de Provence

Jas d’Esclans Cote de Provence

Provence is celebrated for its light, delicate, floral rosé  wines and this is a very good example. This is the perfect aperitif wine and a great favourite at tastings. It’s elegant and restrained, and should be enjoyed in the garden on a perfect summer’s evening.

Buy it Now  Jas d’Esclans Price £13.80,  The Organic Wine Club

Giola Perla Frizzante and Wild Thing Rosé  Gift Box

Wild Thing Rose Gift Set

Wild Thing Gift Set



This box set of Organic sparkling wine and Wild Thing Organic Rosé  would make a wonderful gift for an animal lovers, as donation for each box goes to The Born Free Foundation.

Gio Perla Frizzante Organic Sparkling Prosecco, 11% ABV – A pale, straw coloured Italian organic sparkling wine, with delicate, fine perlage and aromas of flowers, fruits and sweet hay. A delightfully dry, well-rounded sparkler, made from the Prosecco grape.

Wild Thing Organic Rose, 12.5 ABV – A refreshing, fruity rose wine, made from Tempranillo grapes from the La Mancha region of Spain. This is a dry, fruity wine, bursting with wild strawberry, cranberry and raspberry aromas. This wine is suitable for vegans.

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Alpilles Rosé  Longchamp

Alpilles Rose

Alpilles Rose

In Provence, drinking seriously good light as air rose is as important promenading along La Croisette in St Trop a la Bardot. Everyone drinks Provencal rose. It’s the wine of long summer days, and admiring the fields of lavender and sunflowers. It’s important to go organic and avoid mass produced roses and over use of pesticides and sulphites. This lovely wine is full of delicate fruit flavours and the salmon colour will make you feel good about life.

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Silent Pool Rose


Silent Pool Rose, Albury Vineyard

Silent Pool Rose, Albury Vineyard




Silent Pool Rose is an elegant, fresh, classically pink-hued rose wine made form Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes. It opens with aromas of strawberry, cherry and peach followed by notes of red fruits and pink grapefruit, coupled with a steely minerality. This well crafted English wine offers mid palate flavours of apple, honey and bright citrus with balanced acidity and a long flourish!

This wine can also be purchased a part of a case of low alcohol organic wines ( 2 reds, 2 roses and two whites).

Silent Pool Rose,  Price £18.90, The Organic Wine Club