ONCE UPON A TIME there was a beautiful American girl called Meghan Markle, who dreamt of becoming an actress and standing up for women’s rights without dressing in sack cloth to do it! Coming from both sides of the racial divide, Markle has talked eloquently and powerfully about feeling like an outsider. Her father is an award-winning lighting director, who can trace his ancestry back to Edward the third, and her mother is an African American social worker and yoga teacher. It comes as no surprise that Meghan Markle has talked about her early struggles to fit in to the stereotypical world of Hollywood. Eventually, her career did catch fire, and she became a leading lady in Suites, as the character Rachel Zane, and now she is going to marry our blue blooded Prince Harry.

The Iconic Allure of Jackie Kennedy

Meghan has the kind of beauty, charisma and fashion allure reminiscent of the late Jackie Kennedy with a dash of Pocahontas. Just look at the way she dresses, in killer white coats,  little green dresses and in sheer, sensual,  made in Britain, flight of fantasy Ralph and Russo couture for those wildly romantic engagement pictures by photographer Alexi Lubomirksi.  No fusty tweeds or anything too sugar sweet or buttoned up here. Though I am sure Markle would look darling in Harris tweeds and Wellingtons at Balmoral. If the world of made in Britain and sustainable fashion has been waiting for a poster girl, I declare she has just landed. Start sending look books and lovely hand written letters to Nottingham Cottage now! Meghan Markle is a princess in waiting and the girl you want to champion a slow, sustainable fashion revolution.

A Fashion Wardrobe for Nobel Causes

Why? Because she is a natural campaigner, and has announced her intention to retire from acting and concentrate on humanitarian work, with Harry, and in her own right. So it follows, that she is going to need a working wardrobe to match her noble causes.

I love the fact that Harry met his Meghan on a blind date, set up by a mutual friend. How thoroughly modern, normal and just like us they are after all. If you have been watching the Crown on Netflix, this will all make sense. The Royal Family has to modernize to stay relevant and keep the Republicans at bay. It makes them easy to like and relate to. They are just like the rest of us, with a few palaces and castles and zillions in the bank.

Meghan is to Harry what his beloved mother Princess Diana was to Great Britain – a breezy, thoroughly unstuffy breath of fresh air.

Queen Elisabeth a Dash of Fashion Revolution Thrift

Now all we need is for Meghan to have a few cosy tete a tete chats with her majesty the Queen who is greatly admired for her legendary fashion thrift, and for up-cycling her outfits. Queen Elisabeth the second could certainly pass on some invaluable tips to her future daughter in law about investing in the very best made in Britain fashion and the exciting idea of style reinvention, and make do and mend.

Harry has found his calling as a campaigner and the founder of the Invictus Games and with Meghan at his side, he now has a consort who is beautiful, kind, intelligent and compassionate. No wonder he said in the BBC interview that his late mother and Meghan would be ‘as thick as thieves’. Their mutual passion for humanitarian work would have created a powerful bond. With these gifts, Meghan Markle is going to be a huge asset to the British Royal family and I would love to see her make a bold stand with her fashion choices, and start to support and champion the remarkable, slow, Fair-trade fashion revolution unfolding in Britain, America and around the globe.

Meghan Markle Will You Lead the Fashion Revolution?

Just imagine Meghan Markle walking down the isle of Windsor Chapel in May, to marry her prince Harry, in a sustainable, flight of fantasy, couture wedding gown or an up-cycled going away outfit. Why don’t we just ask her to help lead the fashion revolution?

Picture Credit –  All Pictures by Alexi Lubomirski.  Press Association.  Copyright Prince Harry and Miss Meghan Markle. No Reproduction or copying without permission.

Ms Meghan Markle’s embellished couture gown by Ralph and Russo, London.