Gradually, the waif casts off her sallow rags and transforms into a Titian-haired, lovely swan!

And here is the wonderful Eleanor Tomlinson, a girl who is awfully good at playing snowy, Plantagenet princesses… blossoming into the role of Demelza, and quietly making it her own, in the BBC’s daring, passionate new Poldark.

A Child of Nature  V An Earthy Sex Goddess!

Eleanor’s Demelza is more of a fairy child of nature to Angharad’s Rees’s earthy, husky-voiced, sex goddess. And I am happy to report she will be keeping her clothes on. Eleanor doesn’t do nudity.  There will be no Fifty Shades of Grey, leave nothing to the imagination sex scenes in Poldark with Aidan, who only has to gallop along the cliffs or do a little hard labour, sans white, flowing shirt, to bring the nation to a standstill on Sunday nights. Isn’t less so much more?  I am sure Angharad is smiling on Eleanor from heaven.  Too talented actresses, two different interpretations of a woman who will lend her name to an awful lot of little Demelza’s in the next twelve months! Happy Easter everyone. A review of Poldark will follow soon!

Poldark BBC 1 9pm Sundays

More About Eleanor Tomlinson

1. Eleanor started acting as a child and says that rejection made her stronger, and helped her to develop a strong, protective outer shell, to succeed as a leading actress.

2.Eleanor supports slow,sustainable fashion and has been seen on the red carpet in Made in Britain couture gowns by up and coming couturier, Lucy Tammam, at Atelier Tammam –

3. Eleanor has worked with John Malkovitch and says he was hugely inspiring to work with.

4. Eleanor starred in my Jubilee Fashion Feature in homage to her majesty the Queen, in 2012 – as an actress on the cusp of stardom. The fashion story was inspired by celebrated photographer Cecil Beaton, and was shot by Mike Owen, my favourite fashion lensman.

EH Mag Gossip – Did you know that Angharad Rees went on to make the most wonderful costume jewellery, beloved of fashion editors?

Eleanor Tomlinson  as Demelza in Poldark, BBC 9pm Sundays.

Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza in Poldark, BBC 9pm Sundays. Picture – BBC Pictures.