Actor Josh Pyman, Starring in Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix

Remember the name Josh Pyman. Soon, this exciting, actor, from Brisbane, currently co-starring in Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix, will be a name to talk about.

Come to our next intimate online culture show in February, TBA, and watch AJ interview Josh Pyman about his role in this unsettling drama series about an elite Chicago ballet school, which features audaciously beautiful contemporary dance sequences, people thrown together from rich and poor backgrounds and a poetic narrative which explores the true cost of a dancer's life.

If you like  ballet to be all about Swan Lake and sugar sweet romanticism, this isn't for you. This is gritty, sexual and very physical and shows bloodied bodies pushed to their limits!

Brennan Clost, Casimere Jolette and Barton Cowperthwaite - Tiny Pretty Things

Josh plays the lover of lead dancer Shane, played by Brennan Clost. His character Dev struggles with his sexual identity and he hopes that readers will identify with the  different characters in Tiny Pretty Things and the authentic challenges they face ranging from eating disorders to sexual identity, sexual assault and predatory behaviour from the ballet masters.

Josh would love to work with director Christopher Nolan and intends to use acting as a platform to explore important social issues, especially men's  mental health.

Tiny Pretty Things is no pretty, pretty ballet story. It is more dark, hypnotic fairytale. It begins with the attempted murder of its lead female dancer and an implausible, soap-driven plot which is coloured by intense rivalry, ambition and bad behaviour, and not just from the dancers.

Josh Pyman and Brennan Clost in Tiny Pretty Things

Without any prior acting experience, Josh Pyman won a place at The Screenwise Acting School in Sydney, Chris Hemsworth's former alma mater. He went on to garner a best actor Leo award nomination for his first film, Plantonic in 2019, from the British Columbia Film and Television Industry.

Josh continues to further his dramatic training at the Railtown Actor's Studio in British Columbia.

Causes close to Josh's heart include men's mental health and suicide prevention.

Tiny Pretty Things is Streaming on Netflix