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From Cornwall with Love - The Organic Beauty Hero MD

An Interview with Dr Mariano Spiezia, MD By Editor-in-Chief Alison Jane Reid [] “We have isolated science, instead of connecting it to the human spirit and to nature. I have made it my life’s work to reconnect people to nature.

Elizabeth McGovern, Film Icon, Countess, Rock Chick By Alison Jane Reid

An in-depth interview with actress Elizabeth McGovern Star of Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time in America by Arts Journalist Alison Jane Reid.

Poldark Star Eleanor Tomlinson Stars in Cecil Beaton Fashion Story

[] Who did most to capture the mystique, firepower and glittering aura of the British Monarchy? The answer is Sir Cecil Beaton, photographer, costume designer and dandy about town. Beaton was at the epicenter of glamour on both sides

Colin Morgan Interview - The Year of The Thoughtful, Intelligent Geek By Alison Jane Reid

Journalist Alison Jane Reid's Hit Interview with Actor Colin Morgan, Star of Merlin, The Fall and Humans.

In the Words of Mr Bob Dylan: I Want You. The Hot List By Alison Jane Reid

[] Oh I Want You, I Want You… I Want You So Bad – Mr Bob Dylan 1966 What Really Matters right now in music, fashion and chocolate! Well, that’s the hedonist in me, ethically, of course! Take Me Beyond
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