Sarah Class
Composer and Singer-Songwriter Sarah Class

Sarah Class composer, singer-songwriter and environmental activist is my first guest on the Ethical Hedonist Chat Show Sofa.

During our hour-long interview, presented as a two-part series, Sarah and I discuss her childhood on the Isle of Wight and how this instilled a life-long love of the natural world. It is this intrinsic connection to nature and a passion to preserve ‘our beautiful planet’ which informs and inspires her multi-layered musical compositions and songwriting.

Class is an Emmy-nominated composer who is happiest living close to nature and never far from the ocean and a surfboard. That’s right, she’s a surfer, and her flowing mermaid tendrils lend her the mythical quality of Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon. When she refuses the king of the sea’s marriage proposal he cleverly sends a dolphin to bring her back from Atlas.

Riding the Waves with Dolphins

I can just imagine Class riding the waves with a school of dolphins as her playmates. She’s also a breath of fresh air to the somewhat rarefied and still male-dominated world of composers and classical-cross-over music.

Sarah Class
Composer Sarah Class

Scores for BBC Africa & Madagascar

Sarah composed the scores for BBC Africa and Madagascar, narrated by Sir David Attenborough. She also composed the music for The Meerkats, a co-production between the BBC and The Weinstein Company.

All My Life I’ve Wanted to Be Free

Creative freedom is hugely important to Class. We discuss how her liberal arts degree at The University of Chichester and explore how this helped to foster the confidence to write and compose music without constraints.

Portrait of an Artist

Class is a life-long environmentalist and there is something of the Nereids about her and a sense that she might vanish at any moment during the interview into the ocean depths or the forests she so powerfully evokes in her musical scores.

I hope you enjoy part one of this exciting new EH Mag Chat Show interview series.

Green Man By Sarah Class
Green Man is the latest EP from composer and singer-songwriter Sarah Class

Sarah Class’s New EP is out now – Green Man

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