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It's a Fab Slow Luminary Life in Reading - From Thrilling Theatre to Beautiful Hotels, Books, Vintage Fashion and Exquisitely Pretty Food

Reading is the destination writes Alison Jane Reid in her decadently slow luxury guide to Kate Winslet's home city and the place for a theatre, food and slow travel odyssey with a royal history lesson too!

Remnant Beauty, Artisan, Grass-fed, Animal Fat Skincare Fit for Queen Cleopatra

Cleopatra and grass-fed beauty is our handmade story this month with a dash of Hollywood pizzazz. Luminaries Magazine editor Alison Jane Reid talks to Remnant Beauty about ancient beauty rituals and the wonders of cow fat.

Immunity -Nurture Your Defences with Herbs, Good Food, More Sleep and Less Stress!

Medical Herbalist Pamela Spence looks at the immune system and the critical importance of building strong, innate defences through herbs, real food, less sugar, better sleep and stress reduction.
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