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February Hot List. Flying Cars, Dr Aseem Malhotra's Mediterranean Diet, Tigers Running Fashionably Wild, Mindful Cocktails and The Guggenheim at 25

The February Hot List - The Luminaries Editor Alison Jane Reid has her head in the clouds, writing about the flying Air Car, Dr Aseem Malhotra, Hayley Menzies wild and whimsical tiger coats, Mindful cocktails and the Guggenheim Bilbao at 25.

Grassfed Roast Beef with Mustard Crust and White Bean Mash with Walnuts

An easy to prepare grass-fed organic mini roast beef with a white bean mash embellished with walnuts and jewel-green green beans. This is the ideal, no fuss, Christmas feast.

Dr Michael Mosley's Low Carb Smoked Salmon Sushi with Cauliflower Rice

Dr Michael Mosley's Fast 800 low carb smoked salmon with cauliflower rice to help flip the metabolic switch. Improving your metabolic health with protein food swaps helps to treat obesity and type two diabetes.

Sleep: How to Nurture the Elixir of Youth with the Functional Medicine Doctor

Good Sleep is essential for immunity, metabolic health, mood, stress management and wellbeing say functional doctor Dr Sharief Ibrahim FRCP. Discover how to nurture better sleep to transform your life - it's your superpower.
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