Foreign Correspondent

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John Simpson Gala Interview

John Simpson CBE talks to Journalist Alison Jane Reid about his life, work and passions. From Casablanca to a good single malt whisky and dictators to climbing the rooftops of St Paul's Boys' School in London.

John Simpson in Conversation -from Fidel Castro to a Deadly Encounter with Osama Bin Laden

John Simpson CBE in conversation with arts and culture journalist Alison Jane Reid. John talks about using up his nine lives in a near-deadly encounter with Osama Bin Laden.

John Simpson In Conversation - From a Shipwreck in the Amazon to Mad Encounters with Dictators, Being the Naughtiest Boy in School and a Nerdy Lover of Books and Films!

John Simpson - celebrated foreign correspondent and BBC World Affairs Editor, up close and personal talking to journalist Alison Jane Reid about his life from Amazon Shipwrecks to depressed dictators, you won't believe it!

AJ Meets John Simpson - a fun Interview Trailer for Our Gala Interview! The Art of Living Well from the hotspots of the World!

John Simpson foreign correspondent, author and cigar lover is Alison Jane Reid's guest on the Ethical Hedonist Talk Show on March 25th at 6.30 pm GMT. Here is the amusing interview trailer - from the future of war reporting to Fidel Castro.
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