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Zandra Rhodes - Princess of Punk Couture | Ethical Hedonist TV

Alison Jane interviews British fashion legend - Zandra Rhodes - Princess of Punk Couture as she celebrates the launch of her Happy Women iconic sixties prints collection in organic cotton for People Tree. Zandra also talks about designing fabulous stage clothes for Freddie Mercury and Brian May of Queen.

An Interview with Steve Folk

Alison Jane speaks to folk singer Steve Folk on his narrow boat. Stick around for a performance of 360 from his album Ramble and a rather dramatic incident involving his cat.

Interview with Ben Fogle | Ethical Hedonist TV

Thank you to Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky - Alison Jane interviewed Ben Fogle onboard  the John Walker and Sons Voyager, for the launch of their triple malt whisky, Odyssey.

John Simm Interview Part 3 | Working with Michael Winterbottom | Ethical Hedonist TV Exclusive

In the third and final part of Ethical Hedonist TV's interview with John Simm by Alison Jane Reid, John and Alison discuss in more detail what its like to work with a director like Michael Winterbottom.

John Simm Interview Part 2 | Mad Dogs | Music | Theatre | Ethical-Hedonist Exclusive

In the second part of Alison Jane Reid's exclusive interview with John Simm, John talks about working on Mad Dogs, his music tastes and working in theatre.

John Simm Interview Part 1 | The Village | Everyday | Ethical-Hedonist TV Exclusive

In this exclusive interview Alison Jane Reid of Ethical-Hedonist TV interviews the actor John Simm about Everyday and The Village.
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