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Why Your Money Needs to Slow Down!

Why your money needs to slow down By Becky O’Connor, co-founder and editor of Good With Money [] In our technologically-enhanced, uber-convenient, touch-of-a-screen lives, there is a tendency to speed up and complicate everything, just because. There’s a term for this: “expansion bias” – and it’

How to Bring Joy to Your Finances in 2017!

Happy wallet, happy world: how to bring joy to your finances in 2017 Google knows me so well. My browsing history is full of: 1. a) meditation and mindfulness articles 2. b) investment and finance articles In an effort to square this possibly quite unusual circle, I am delivered a

Top Secrets of the Ethical Uber-Rich

Top secrets of the ethical uber-rich By Rebecca O’Connor, editor of Good With Money [] One great thing about being wealthy is having the luxury of choice. With investments, this means the ability to choose what you want to invest in. Although investment is opening

How to Meet Your Life Goals Sustainably

In financial planning, the experts often talk about “key life moments”, when people who are usually disinclined to think about money suddenly have to for some reason. Those reasons are common to all of us, although they may happen at slightly different times and you might go through some of
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