Editor AJ Presents a Slow Fashion Catwalk and Organic Afternoon Tea Party

The Luminaries Magazine(Formerly Ethical Hedonist) is an inspiringly different, independent arts and culture magazine for the love of journalism and the art of storytelling with a passion for writing about film, drama, icons, books, fashion and real food.

We also have a separate organic luxury living section with the inside track on delicious, regenerative, organic and biodynamic food and wine, cooking from scratch recipes, slow travel and eating out and functional health and wellbeing. We are all about feeding your imagination and helping you to live a brilliantly inspiring life where you can enjoy access to the inside track of your favourite films, dramas, actors and authors. I want you to feel part of something really special and authentic - our magazine club and community.

The Wizard of Oz

As the founder, the kind of magazine I want to write for and edit barely exists anymore, so I had to create it.  I hope you absolutely love the result.

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Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

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